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I need a solution for anxiety related chronic diarrhea

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 27, 2010
  • 02:38 AM

Hi, I guess I'll just jump right into it:

I'm a male in my early 20's, and I have chronic diarrhea or (or maybe fecal incontinence) that I believe is caused by anxiety problems. This is seriously affecting my life, due to the obvious potential social embarassment. I very often decide to stay home when I could be out doing things, because I'm too scared of losing control of my bowels in public.

I won't go to a bar with my friends because they don't have a toilet (or at least not one a sane person would use). I won't go to certain people's houses because I don't want deal with the embarassment of "stinking up" their bathroom. I sometimes won't even make a 5 minute drive to get fast food because I'm worried I may not be able to make it to a bathroom in time if need be. I even recently turned down a free trip to somewhere I've always wanted to go because that country doesn't have easily accesible public toilets.

The funny thing is, I know it's my anxiety that is most likely causing the problem, because it always gets worse when I'm worried about it. For example, if I talk myself into leaving the house to go somewhere I'll usually be so worried about getting diarrhea, that I'll actually give myself diarrhea (when I would have been fine if I had stayed home). So it's a vicious cycle kind of situation.

Now, I'm sure most people who don't know me well would probably assume I'm normal. I have a regular job and a girlfriend whom I live with. But, it's greatly hampering my ability to enjoy life. I'd love to go kayaking, or hiking, or travel the world, but can't because of my problems.

Sorry if that intro was long winded, but I want to make sure I'm giving a clear picture of the problem I have. Now, luckily, I do have a pretty good idea of when and why this started:

When I was around 10 years old my parents divorced and I moved to another state. I had no friends and got bullied at my new school. I started "playing hooky" so I wouldn't have to go to school. But, that made me feel guilty, so I'd try to feel sick. If I could convince my self I actually was sick, then I didn't have to feel bad about not going to school. Eventually it got the point where if I was nervous about going to school, my stomach would automatically start hurting and I'd have diarrhea. But, after a while my parents obviously took notice of how much school I was missing, and starting making me go even if I was sick. But, by that point being sick was an involuntary reaction to being nervous. So, I often had stomach pain and diarrhea at school. I got so nervous about having diarrhea at school (for obvious reasons) that I got diarrha whenever I was out of my comfort zone (almost everywhere but home).

Over the years my parents took me to a bunch of different doctors, none of whom could find a problem other than maybe Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Later, when I was a teenager, I ended up in therapy a lot and was diagnosed with ADD, some depression disorder, anti-social personality disorder, and some anxiety disorder. I only bring that up because I'm not sure if they're related to the health problems (I'm sure the anxiety disorder is). But, I was only medicated for a short time until they took me off because of some problems I had with drugs at the time.

Since then I've just tried to deal with it as best as I can. At some times it's worse than others (for a whole year or two when I first moved out of my parent's house it seemed like it was pretty much gone). But, it seems to be affecting me a lot now, and as I said earlier is really kind of debilitating, so I need to get something figured out. If anyone knows what this is or how to fix it, I'd really appreciate your advice. I really just want to be able to do normal things that everyone else gets to do.

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  • hey, i am 15 years old boy soon to be 16 and im very worried about my life, and if i can get over the hurdles you seem to encounter too. Im not writing a reply to how you can fix or cure it, im asking if you have found out ways to deal with it since your post. I also have the same problem, i worry about not being able to go to the toilet which to makes me have stomach pains and eventually, diarrhea.I also worry about long trips in cars and going to places i don't know have accessible toilets, which over time has made me very house bound, which worries annoys me, my friends and family. I too know which brought mine on, it was on the way home from McDonalds about 5 - 6 years ago and i the car i began to get what i call a 'Bad Stomach' which was so bad i had to stop on the side of the road twice. This must have triggered something in my mind that to this day i get scared about, which is not being able to control my bowls.To top mine off i have asperges syndrome, which is a form of autism so not only worrying about my bowls, i worry about social situations and even now im worrying as tomorrow im going to a carboot sale 15 minutes away which to normal people is a simple drive, but to me straight away im worrying about if i will get a bad stomach on the way there and when i get there i will have to confront people whilst selling my things which is a social situation.I have been having monthly counceling (excuse my grammar as its late :D) with a special autism councilor. He has explained to me that this anxiety (As im sure you know) is all in my head and has tried giving me techniques to use but non of them i have been able to succesfully use.Im just writing to ask someone who has personal experience of what i have if you know anything or anyway to get over this anxiety.write back :)luke.
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    • October 15, 2010
    • 11:27 PM
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  • Try Psyllium. You should be able to get it from health food stores.
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    • November 2, 2010
    • 11:08 AM
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  • You may have crohns disease see --->http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/c/crohns_disease/intro.htm
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    • November 5, 2010
    • 04:33 AM
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  • I would definitely look for a good hypnotherapist in your area, who can help you deal with the root cause of your problem and enable you to move forward instead of being held back by past experiences. Neuro-linguistic programming in combination with hypnotherapy should help you a lot. Good luck!
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