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I May have Cancer or a Tumor ? need HELP

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  • Posted By: HouseCase4real
  • November 8, 2010
  • 07:40 AM

I developed facial and neck swelling suddenly on July 27th. i went to the ER. My other symptoms were moderate Lower jaw pain. The ER refused to run any CT or MRI scan and they shot down my GUESS of Submandibular Gland or Salivary Gland Stones or Enlargement without testing.

I went to see an ENT. He ordered a NON contrast CT to look for salivary stones. CT was negative but hardly visualized everything without contrast. I am currently on PLAVIX ( have 5 stents inserted in the past year) and I have demonstrated major issues with Gallilidium dye (heart rate slowed to 46 BPM) and allergic to IONIC CT Dye (less allergic but on Plavix they didnt want to risk it as I have had a rash and all kinds of allergy and bledding rash issues on Plavix).(Plavix in rare cases CAN cause TTP)

The Oral surgeon, at my request, ordered an MRI of the neck (NOT a cervical spine scan) . MRI report did not find a specific problem but did report "Stage 2 Lymph involvement. Medical correlation Suggested." I saw my Endocrinologist and she ordered a SONOGRAM of glands in neck.
The finding was as follows ; "Left Submandibular gland enlarged compared to Right. Significance unknown. Patient also demonstrates Level I2 and Level 3 stage Lymph nodes. medical Correlation suggested. Thyroid normal. Lymph nodes NOT enlarged ju

I thought I had MUMPS--blood tests were essentially negative (IGM TITER neg/ IGG POSITIVE).

Now I am thinking I have cancer of the JAW, a Jaw infection or a submandibular gland tumor. Since the Stage 2 lymph went to Stage 3 within 50 days..I would say I need a diagnosis QUICKLY.

I am on PLAVIX-I can not have a surgical biopsy. I will BLEED and since I have 5 stents inserted I can't stop Plavix till MAY of 2011. And I do not know whom to see.
An oral Surgeon?
I already saw ENT--they dismissed me when the CT of the neck didnt show a salivary gland stone. They refused to do a Lymph Node needle Biopsy.
I am going to a Hopsital clinic. I CAN NOT AFFORD a private doctor so if they
refuse to run a biopsy I am stuck. I already tried ANOTHER hopsital but they wouldn not accept my insurance.

I am seeing HEAD AND NECK-oncology TUESDAY but they DO NOT diagnose nor treat JAW disorders.
I went to the Mount Sinai oral Surgery Clinic--they deferred to their ENT dept. Refused to do any testing of salivary, submandibular or Jaw. I argued and they would not agree.I consider that negligence...but that is a different issue.

Today I woke up and my Jaw is in more pain, very SORE (LOWER JAW--this is NOT a TMJ problem--I have had TMJ for 20 years--my face and upper neck NEVER became swollen before and I never had "Stage 3 lymph involvement" (*That worries me)

Any suggestions? Any ideas? Are there Blood tests for Jaw or partotid/jsaw gland cancer? how can it be diagnosed without an open Biopsy? How about


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