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I love him and he's so sick :(

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  • Posted By: wonkavision
  • October 14, 2010
  • 03:08 AM

This is a letter I put together It gives all his symptoms and his situation. its long but please help.

I am writing in regards to my best friend. A person who I love very much, who is going through so much right now. I have no idea what is wrong with him and neither does he. He is broke like most of us in america, no health care and is too ill to have a job to support himself. Currently living with his mother who has a few mental illness' along with random health problems. Things have not been easy on him, as like most of us. He has had to take care of his mother since his father left. taking a huge toll on him and his life. He has the weight on his shoulders that she will take her life if he leaves her. He keeps saving her time and time again. With that stress and this illness he has, I feel like it is only a matter of time before he dies. I hate saying that. but I honestly feel like i'm watching him waste away. He goes to a doctor, one that see's the poor people who doesn't seem to care much about who she see's and what they are going through. I feel like she is helping some but not as much as she should or could. The E.R's he goes to, especially the one in our town. Just shuffles him around and makes a joke out of him. Asking if he's a vampire and after HIV tests still saying he has aids. The hospital is just a poor excuse for a band aid shop. Other hospitals have taken him in and had him stay, only neglecting him because of his lack of health care. Doctors have ideas on what he may have, but have not diagnosed him with anything. They are saying stomach cancer, crohns disease, kidney problems, gall badder cancer. All of these things but nothing. He can not get his cat scans and colonoscopys because of the lack of money. He can't see specialists for the same reasons. He has tried for medical cards and help from the government but has been denied.. He has tried for S.S but denied. He is currently re appealing his S.S case and hopefully something comes of it but it may be too late before he hears anything.
At this current time he has thrush. believed to be caused by his lack of nutrition, his bad teeth and various health problems. On top of that he is going through very bad panic attacks which he thinks is caused by all the bad going on in his body. He barley can keep food down. He has been going through this, it getting worse and worse for almost 3 years now. He has lost over 100lbs and keeps losing it. He goes through lots of confusion and his brain is very scattered. He has problems with passing bowels and when he does it has blood in it. Along with blood in his urine from time to time along with blood in his vomit. He will have "seizure" type episodes. He also will pass out randomly. He has a hard time sleeping.. He takes potassium pills, but for the most part can not afford most medication they give him. His stomach constantly hurts him and he can not do regular day to day activities without being in a ton of pain. He is very weak and frail.
I am writing in desperation for a loved one because he doesn't have the means or maybe the strength to do it. I feel like i came into his life to help him through this. I give him all my strength and all the love and support I can. he has no one and his mother just causes more problems. His father will help out with things from time to time but I feel like he doesn't do as much as he could. but he does help. He wont allow me to do much for him like take him to the E.R or things like that because he feels safer with his father and his father can help talk for him. but he is not always able to do it. He is a very amazing person and I love him so much. I am so happy he is in my life and its killing me to see him go through this. I worry and cry daily because i am afraid one day I wont be able to talk to him. I dont think i have the strength myself to lose him. I dont let him see my pain and how scared i am. I am strong for him. This is my attempt at writing people and reaching out anyway i can to help. I dont know what kind of help i'm looking for. Mostly just a point in the right direction, some guidance, help to allow my friend to have his life back. If there is anything you can do, or know of what I can do please tell me. Even if its just the smallest thing.

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