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i have very very serious issue for 5 years without stop and diagnoise

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 30, 2015
  • 01:48 PM

befor i start i should say sry because its long but my issue is realy serious.just if u r proffesional dr plz read it if not plz dont waste ur time

i born in 1993.and im male live in iran and i had epilepsy when i was 7 year and now i havent epilepsy and dr after many test cut my pill(carbomaspin) and now i havent any problem in my body.liver,heart,..all r okey and i test them. and again i apeall if u r professional doctor help me.because i talked with many consulter and psychologist and they couldnt diagnose my issue and i have it for 5 years.
and another thing i want to say befor start im pretty sure its not delusion.i dont use any drug and alcohol.i had mri and no tumor

i was 17 and i sense very weird sense in my head and nose area and up of my nose i mean center of my forehead and sense is so bad and annoying.imagin is fire allways under ur skin head and bother u.its hot and it make lots of presure like hitthing me from inside.lots of presure .it make me red and my nose go bigger it effect in all part of my life.change my character.never stop and all the time is with me all the time even when im sleep.so i cant go out or i cant do anything no relationship no trip and....realy i feel it.all the time for 5 years plz belive me its not delusion.its exactly like mass of energy that trapped in my head.

but hear is important 3 years ago i had very hard concentration and meditation level and with concentrating i tryed so lots of that energies go out from center of my head in up side, when they exit i feel them like how i feel my hand it was so clear.that was best sense ,that never i experience that before.that was so good.but lots of them still remain in my head and i focused and tryed hard but i couldnt put them out again.and now realy im so tired.
it was just a brief of thetnsense and im pretty sure that anyone think im mad but plz if u r professional and know about it help me to diagnose it till im alive
something else perhaps help.
it make me so angry and i want to escape from anyone and anything.energy put me under lots of presure and i cant escape from it beacause its in my head.reading is hard for me.and consentrating so hard.i hadnt any meditation and consentration befor it.and when this issue start i find meditation.
and i dont know how it exactly start just i remember weird sense start in me.
i didnt say to anyone about myself but my family know that im so weird because all the time im in my room and consentrating to experience that again.
and i should add when part of that energy go out presure is so lesser than past.and exit of energy from center of my head was same u have bootle of water and make hole and lots of water go out from that hole.lots of that energy went out from center of my head.hot place instigate it.i dont remember anything else
thanks alot

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  • any idea?
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    • October 18, 2015
    • 00:13 PM
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  • tnx
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    • November 29, 2015
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  • Hi, u r not mad.It sounds like nerve inflammation.I'm no dr but after 38 yrs of migraine headaches & other pains all over my body I had similar feelings to those u describe & just wanted 2 die as the pain was so bad. No-one could help me & nothing made it stop.In 2015 I found I had low levels of several vitamins & minerals (not low enough 2 b deficient though), particularly vit D, B12 magnesium.Low levels of any of these can cause nerve/muscle pain & I was low in all of them.I've supplemented all 3 for 6 months now & migraines were gone in 2 wks & other pains improved but not gone altogether.I'll continue to supplement until levels improve to optimum. It really is worth checking this - u have nothing to lose & it may help. Read all u can about all nutrients we need & keep pushing ur dr. Drs don't bother much with vits as they don't make money from it & will tell u level is normal.But even low levels of some vits/mins can cause real pain so check each figure of results ur self.Good luck
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • January 8, 2016
    • 06:22 AM
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