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I have Multi symptoms, no dx in 2 years

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  • Posted By: isaiah43
  • March 25, 2008
  • 03:52 AM

Hello! I have a ton of questions regarding Lymes disease and chronic lymes. I have all or almost all of the 36 symptoms (depending on which site you visit,) I have been given a test for lymes, and it came back within the normal range, but can one have it, and test neg? I also read that there are more than the general test that is given. I am in pain most of the time, and I did see improvement when my old rhuematologist gave me high dosages of pennicillian shots, and vitamin b12. the pain went away, and it took 3 days before I saw that. I normally run a low grade temp. in cycles, meaning I may go 3 months without a fever, but will have a "fibromyalgia flare up" and I will run fever, feel like I have the flue and then the horrible fatique sets in. this will last as long as 3 months or as little as 3 days. I have been dx with fibromyalgia, osteoperois, carpel tunnel, ebv, and fiths desease. I have alot of trouble breathing, esp during a flare up, I have a non cancerous pituitary gland brain tumor, that is making like extreamly difficult, I stay in a perpetual state of preg. and that is even messed up. I will get hot flashes, flood and have a let down reflex of milk, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!! I just want someone to say, I know exactly what is wrong and youre NOT insane or crazy, these symptoms are for real. Does ANYONE have ANY Ideas ?????? :confused:

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  • HiWell, I'm no expert but you say the symptoms were alleviated after vitamin B12 injections, and you have fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle pains etc... Have you considered pernicious anaemia at all? I'm probably wrong but I wondered if you had been tested for that? Hope you get it sorted soon! Best wishesMilly edit: Just noticed a thread on pernicious anaemia here too. Serves me right for posting without having a proper look around first! Wondered if you've read through that thread yet too? Makes interesting reading!
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  • HI Milly, thank you for responding, I will read that thread, although I am not sure which I responded to more, because the doc didn;'t start the b12 until after the first pennicillian shot, which he gave me by itself. I have had so so many tests that I am probley sure they did that too. Keep me posted if you think of anything else. Thank you !!!
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  • One question seeing the meds helped, that i'd be asking myself is.. Is pennicillian or B12 recommended in lyme??? (maybe blaze can point you to links which answer that). Another condition which could cause your symptoms is chronic fatigue syndrome. B12 is known to help some with CFS and is commonly recommended by CFS specialists. Maybe try to work out if it was the B12 or the penicillian which helped, as knowing this could point you more in the right direction. Try going back onto the B12 and the penicillin seperately.. to work out which it is which helps (or if it's even both which help). fibromyalgia is an overlapping illness to CFS. At least a quarter of people with fibro..have CFS too. best luck in finding the answer.
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