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I have been to 5 doctors with no answers!!!

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  • Posted By: thecampbells101
  • May 28, 2008
  • 02:04 PM

Starting about a month ago I got really bad heartburn which was wierd for me anyways since I have never really had heartburn except when I was pregnant, but this didn't seem right it was way worse. It felt like I had some food stuck in my chest and it was digesting there. The pain got so bad it made me vomit. From there I proceded to break out in hives all over my body. From head to toe (huge hives), then came the vomiting and diarhea, headaches, and night chills. I was in the emergency room twice where they just shot me with an epie pen and sent me home. One the third night of all of this reoccuring and me going to the emergency room they finally admitted me to the hospital. I was there for five days and the doctors could tell me nothing except that they did't think that it was life threatening. They ran no tests except for a few blood tests. Basically all they did was keep my doped up on steriods and bendryl to control the symptoms but never really went looking for the cause. They sent me home and 3 days after completing my steriod meds. The hives, headaches, heartburn, and diarhea came back. I went back to the doctor where they continued to tell me that they still thought that it was an allergic reaction to 1 Zantac (heartburn med) that I took 1 month previosly. They refuse to look at any other causes such as I asked to be tested for Candida because I have had continued yeast and other problems associated with this illness my whole life. I also asked to be checked for C-Diff and anything really that would explain my lack of energy, diarhea, constant reoccuring hives, headaches, severe heartburn, and nausea. Please help!!!! Any ideas or suggetions? I am 26 years old and have two small children and a job that I am not sure how much longer they will be understanding of this illness.

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  • Wow hun, all I can say is I feel your pain. I am sorry you cant get a diagnoses. I posted the thread about 305 years and no diagnoses. The doctors I see just want to medicate the problem not look for the cause of it and its very frusterating hun. I really hope you can find a doctor that will listen to you hun. Keep me posted ok.Good luck! Hey, dont be afraid to be stern with the doctors and be cross, do what you need to get your point across but with in reason of course.Its your body and if they wont listen you need to keep looking until you find someone that does. In the mean time apply for disability, if you cant work you will need to have some assistance.
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  • Maybe you've become allergic to something in your diet??? A food allergy could cause all those symptoms Maybe think about stopping everything you currently eat and drink and reintroduce one food per day (to see if you get reaction or not) and see if that helps. (or better still, try to get your doctor to test you for various food allergies and other allergies.. with such a severe reaction, if a food allergy is the case, it should show up on thier tests). I suggest you fax the manufactures of that meditation that your doctors are saying it was.. and ask them if they've known anyone to be reacting to the med, a month after taking it.. Then take their written reply into the doctors with you!! (doctors will have to find another reason to give then or refer you to an allergy specialist).
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  • Better still, find a good allergist. Tryng to do food allergies or other allergies on your own is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Also, try here: http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=2018711
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