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I have a few new, very disturbing symptoms, somebody please HELP ME!

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  • Posted By: anjel75
  • April 4, 2007
  • 01:45 PM

I have began to hurt so very badly when I sit. It started on Monday. It appears that I have a huge knot where my spine should be; however, my spine is not where it should be. I went to PT and he told me that my back was so messed up. It appeared that my spine is twisted. He asked me if I had ever been diagnosed with Scoliosis and I haven't. He said that my pelvis is all twisted up as well. My left side is up way higher than my right. I could do no exercises and PT said my pain level was so high, he was scared to touch me. My docs ego won't let him take advice from anyone and so PT won't call to tell him. I did when I got out but of course I have heard nothing. So what do I do? If I go to ER they just throw pain meds at me with no testing. My doc doesn't care because the MRI shows that no nerve is involved. I don't know what to do . I am going to my family doc today but I have to go for a different reason because I am WC and my family doc isn't suppose to be treating me but I don't know what else to do. If I go to the ER, they throw pain meds at me which is the same thing that my spine doc does. I have taken 10 Vicodin this morning just to get up this morning and get ready. It feels like bugs are crawling up and down my legs and my middle toes? I have to look down to see if they are still there. They are but cold as ic and almost a bluish color. I am throwing up due to the pain, which in turn makes the pain worse. Vicious cycle. I can't straighten up. Oh my God, I can't take it anymore!

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  • You really need to have your docter give you a referal to a spine dr.I dont know where you are from, but I'm in Fredericksburg Va and they have just opend a pain and spine clinic.If your not from this erea you should look in your phone book if your Dr isnt willing to help and find a Spine Dr on your own.Sometimes you can call the hospital and ask for there referal line and they can refer you to the kind of DR your gonna need.You really shoudnt wait around with this it sounds a liitle on the serious sidegood luck and let me know what you find out. BelindaIf you are in this erea and woudl like the name and number to the spine Dr let me know.
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  • That is what my doc is. He is a spine surgeon. I called him and left message after message to no avail. He doesn't care. I am workers comp so I can't switch either. Even if I could, I don't think I could wait that long. I am in so much pain and he just keeps calling in pain killers. I need something to help the problem not to mask it. I have went every route I could and just nothing...I thank you so much for your replyI go to the pain clinic next week but I just don't think this can wait. I can't make it... I am trying so hard and I do everything that I am told to do, i just can't anymore...
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  • If your doc isn't listening or has a "big ego" then you need to change docs yesterday! PTs are trained in the "hardware" of the body and for yours to be afraid to touch you that says there is a MAJOR problem!!! The only other suggestion I would have is to go see a chiropractor, but interview him first. Make sure he understands that there is a need for both natural and scientific medicine and can work with you while you are still working with your docs. Good Luck and God Speed
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  • Since I am workers comp, its not as simple as switching docs. What I am hoping for is that when I get in to Pain Management next Friday that they will be the very compassionate people that people have told me they are and will order another round of tests. Then, maybe, the flaw will be caught and I will then be referred back to a spine surgeon to fix the problem. I will tell them I don't want to see the one I am seeing now and maybe they will take that to heart. All the while, putting me on some medicine that will work better and longer without all of the damage from the Tylenol until it is fixed. I know that is just a dream but at least that means hope. I have popped that vicodin like candy today and can still just barely walk.
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  • I understand worker's comp problems as I am currently on it for a back injury too. Do you have regular contact with your adjuster? He/She needs to know about the problems you are experiencing with the doc and that you want to change. Under the law you have a right to change 1 time without giving a reason within a certain time period (I don't remember how long). I had to do the same as my 1st doc said I was just a drug seeker and wouldn't even review my MRI. I learned from my chiropractor (also alowed under worker's comp) that I had a herniated disk and not just a back spasm. If your adjuster is no help then you can ask to speak to the nurse assigned to your case or even the MD if the nurse is uncooperative. You do not deserve to mistreated just because this is worker's comp and you can file a complaint if you need to. Make sure to make it very clear to the adjuster or whomever you finally get to talk to you that you want off the meds and want to get well so you can work again. Attitude makes a lot of difference to these people because they have seen so many people who file claims for meds or to get paid for sitting at home.Feel free to ask me any more questions about worker's comp. This is my 2nd go-round and my sis works for a worker's comp company.Good Luck
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  • Since you are worker's comp, please ask your doc to write a referral for chiropractic care or acupuncture treatments. Tell him you'd rather not take a ton of pain pills that aren't going to address the root problem. Unfortunately, WC is just full of red tape and beaurocracy, and if you can afford a lawyer's letter it may make your doctor move faster (of course, this shouldn't have to get to this, but until they revamp WC sometimes it is needed). Don't let this doc intimidate you... Spine surgery may be an option, but please keep in mind that often times it just opens another can of worms and can cause more problems...Acupuncture could really help, but some states may not offer this option with WC, I am not sure. Please look into it and best of luck to you. Best wishesDOM
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  • I still work. I haven't missed a day. I have to be off to go to appointments and such, but I still work. My case worker is about like the dr. She doesn't care at all. I can't even get her to return my calls when I leave her voice mails. I do have a RN case worker but it is so very hard to contact her as well. She does call me time-to-time to see ho wI am progressing so she will call soon I would think. I have asked about chiro and he won't let me do that. My husband is calling to his office constant at this point becuase he is so mad with them. All the while, I am just hurting and need some help!
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  • Yes, I am learning of all he red tape now! It is just horrible! I am in NC and that may differ from some, I don't know. I have asked about both of these treatments as well as traction therapy and the answer has been no. I can't just go and do these things by myself, he has to refer me. Example, I went for my second epidural and that pain dr. who done it told me that he thought I may could benefit from Lyrica and so he wrote me a script for it. That company would not cover it until I got my spine surgeon to write it!
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  • Worker's comp guidelines are set by the American Medical Association and though there are things that vary state to state it shouldn't be that big of a difference. Under law you are allowed to see any physician you want to that accepts worker's comp. Hun, I hate to say it, but I think you are up against a wall and a lawyer is going to be your only hope. There are some who will take your case on a contingency basis (basically you win they get paid, you lose they don't get paid). The only other option (possibly before legal action) is to complain directly to your state worker's comp office. And don't be mousy about it. The squeeky wheel.... It is very frustrating that because we are injured we are treated as thieves and liars. You need to know your rights and even though you are hurt and tired you may have to fight for them. i am glad your husband is supporting you; it makes all of the difference in the world.
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  • That is such crap, I am sorry for all the people who have to go through this with worker's comp. I have a patient who has had SEVERE lumbar disc herniation and compression and he has had to fight to get acupuncture treatments. Has taken vicodin, oxycontin, morphine patches, neurontin, lyrica, and much more. The meds were making him loopy and acupuncture was the only thing that really gave him any relief, but due to the severity of his condition it never lasted more than a few days. He had to get a lawyer to fight for this, and gave me the lawyer's name as I had a hard time getting paid for the acupuncture treatments I provided. I wish I could've seen him when this initially happened as I feel he would have had longer lasting relief and it would have promoted healing instead of letting his spine get to the point where it is now. UGGH!:( So I just wanted to say you are not alone, and I feel for everyone who is getting the shaft through WC. Best wishesDOM
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  • My husband has told me too many times that I need a lawyer. I just keep telling him that I don't want money, I want to feel better. I 'm not trying to get compensation in any way, I just want to be able to pick up my daughter without pain...
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  • Emsbabydoll, - when I said "that is crap" - I wasn't referring to your post, but the previous one concerning WC. I completely agree with you! We posted at the same time i think:) DOM
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  • I would be willing to try any treatment. I have consented to 2 epidural injections and now PT. However, my PT can't do any kind of pain-relieving practices on me before I start to exercise because my dr. has instructed him not to. That is like going on a 10K without stretching. My PT often tells me he feels sorry for me because I just keep on trying no matter how bad it hurts. I have asked about so many different treatments but if they are not his idea, he don't approve. I am just at a dead end I think and I can't turn and go the other way because I am going to collapse.
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  • acuann--I took it as the doc/system was full of crap--- The reason behind getting a lawyer is not for financial compensation, but for an advocate. You have really big, powerful groups your are fighting and a lawyer can help you to navagate this and make them give you the care you need and deserve. Don't be the nice girl that ends up crippled because you didn't stand up-- You have too much to live for and too much life left to feel like this forever and that is where you seem to be headed with the care you are (or actually are not) getting. At least go with your husband to talk to a lawyer. And do take him with you because it sounds like you need the support and you need his anger as embarrased or upset as it may make you.
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  • Thank you alot for your opinion. I had emailed a lawyer a while ago and he told me to call him. He said that I most definitely had a case but I took it as he was wanting money. I would love to have a lawyer that would represent me just to get the healthcare I need. He could have all of the money as far as I am concerned. I am sorry it took a while to get back to you but I went to my family dr. They gave me the meds I needed and I don't want workers comp to find out and end my case but my spine dr. wouldn't give me what I needed. I asked specifically for Prednisone. I have such success with it, it is cheap and I accept the side effects. Evidently, he doesn't because he wouldn't give it to me. He just called in more pain killers. They help but when it wears off, the pain is back. I called, my husband called because we think I needed to be seen sooner than next week. Nope! Got a call from an office lady with a message from him. "If pain management isn't helping and the injections aren't, you may have to have surgery." OK... I have had two injections and the last one was in Feb. which he discontinued due to them not working. A month later, I called for another script for pain and he put on the bottle it was his last auth on it. I knew I couldn't talk to him so I faxed him begging him for some help. He didn't call me back and a few days later I heard from an office person that she was to make a pain clinic appt for me. Well, that took forever due to it going through so many hands and apparently they were not the sharpest tools in the shed. My appt is next Friday. I haven't even been to them yet! He has no idea who I am eveidently and he must not look through my chart too well! That is scary! If he doesn't know me, I don't want him hacking on my back! I told the girl who said something about surgery that I didn't know that was an option and Ihaven't even been to PM yet. She didn't care...
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  • i have been trying to read through these posts for a while now and having a hard time because of my children running around so i will just tell you about me. i had the same problem after i had my son, my ob sent me to a spine clinic and i had grown a new vertibre, it had grown weird and twisted my spine, but i do have scoliois. im not sure if this helps you or not but thats what the spine doctor told me i dont even know how this is possible, that is why i have a post in the back problem section. let me know if this helps you and i will try to read all the posts when my kids are asleep. good luck :)
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  • I went to see my back dr. yesterday and he said he would like to perform surgery. He asked if I needed time to think about it and I said absolutely not! He said due to this being workers comp his hands are tied as to what he can do. They suggested that I go to pain management, not the other way around. I didn't know this. He told me that the injections may would have worked if they had been close enough together but WC didn't dpprove it in enough time and they were like3 months apart. He asked me if I wanted to go with their suggestions or if I wanted him to fix it. So, surgery it is... I am very excited! I feel as if I have lost one of the most important years of my life. I had a babe in April and hurt my back in August. I have been under the restriction not to lift her since. Well, she will be one next week and knows how to walk now. I couldn't help her learn, I couldn't lift her when she needed me. Now, here I am, facing surgery when the injections may have worked if authorized right. Oh, and they still haven't pain me for milage from going 200 miles a week to PT or the time I have missed from work. I wasn't going to pursue a lawyer because I wasn't looking for money or disability. But, I think it is in my best interest to go ahead with one at this point so they can get the money that is at least owed to me and to make sure I will be paid when I am out for surgery!
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  • Did you have a CT to confirm any kind of damage? I'd get adequate scans before having surgery. Sometimes pain can be caused by a tumor pressing on the spinal cord.
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  • Hi,My father was a personal injury attorney, and did plenty of medical malpractice cases. He never got money up front. That is the standard of the industry. Any lawyer that tells you they will only take a malpractice case if they are paid first, isn't worth going to. You want to find a lawyer who figures their 30% to 40% cut of the final settlement will make their time worth it.I'm glad you found a doctor who will treat you the way you want, and I hope the surgery is very successful. Write back here and post an update when you can.Best,Shula
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  • Phone this number and explain your condition to them they can help.If you are really looking for help... you WILL CALL!If not... I wish you luck!BH Ministries1-800-433-1900
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