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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 15, 2009
  • 01:20 PM

when I was 11( I'm 17) I woke up with the worst pain I'd ever felt. so i went to the dr. but he didn't know what was wrong so he sent me home. 2 months later when i finally got to get the ultrasound he ordered they found cysts on my kidneys. (there not supposed to hurt, is what every one tells me) so why do they still hurt every morning and every time I move.
and i'm constipated and having black and bloody stool

when I was 13 my nose started to run more. (500 Kleenexes a day)
when i think back my nose was running a lot when I was 10 and my teacher sent me home every day because my coughing annoyed her. .and after my kidneys started hurting i got a lung infection. and had to keep wipe-ing mucus out of my mouth.
and now I'm even peeing mucus! some times its bloody mucus.

and my mom told me that when i was a baby i would vomit mucus. she said i vomited 10x more then all here other kids combined

they found a cyst in my sinuses over 3 years ago and nobody's bothered to check since
when they fond it they were looking at my brain to find out what was causing the horrible head aches i was having, they never did.
now for the most part the head aches have stopped
but i' m still getting a stabbing felling in the back of my head that hurts so bad that i black out and fall down!

I also have a fast heart rate when i'm going to sleep, (the most I've ever wait 120)
and low blood pressure! so low that It's set off alarms at the dr. office.
I also have poor blood circulation
and i was anemic as a kid.(technically i'm still a kid. i'm 17.)
and i blacked out a lot.(now i black out every time i stand up
I've also had chest pain since i was a kid

i have a lump on my eye ball that i have a bad feeling is a cyst.
I also have a lump on each side of my underwear that someone said might be my lymph nodes
but they might be cysts

the lymph nodes in my neck are swallow
there irritating my ears and push on my veins

i cant afford the polytheistic test

my dr. wont refer me to cystic fibroses specialist (because he thinks If i had it i be dead by now!
even though the cystic fibroses foundation said there's no way i'd be dead!)

I also wanted to take a lymphadenopathy test

but now i have to find a new dr. and my insurance runs out in 6 months


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