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I feel like i have EVERY SYMPTOMS in the world!

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  • Posted By: crazylady
  • September 18, 2011
  • 05:36 AM

so i will try to make this as short as i possible can, ive been having all diffrent symptoms for since i can remember, im 23, i guess healthy, no major problems,im friendly,energetic,and kind. im 5'2 and weigh 115 pounds, im italian as well and i exersize 2-3 times a week, im going to just list my symptoms first that ive been feeling for years now, and ill give you a short story later, excuse my spelling!
sleepy/ yawn every 5-10 minutes constantly
not focused/ cloudy in the brain
pain in shoulders/ neck/ mid back/ somtimes lower back
no consintration withing conversations or lectures
i can sleep 10-18 hours a day ( i try to do 8-10 hours though)
learning disability (not sure what kind but i sucked at reading/spelling,math, science)
stuffy nose
depressed (somtimes)
realy hyper at times
add ( i belive)
itchy inner ears
teeth pain when i exersize
confident/ not confident
ringing in ears
blurry vision
small astigmatisim ( wear contacts)

so when i was a baby i came out black, everyone thought i was sick and the drs gave me a spinal tap, apparently i was fine. though i still feel the pain now of that needle from when they did it. growing up i was always sick, allergies, flus, ect. i was always in the drs and they always said i was fine. i could sleep for hours and my mom would have to wake me just to eat. i had horrible constipation where she had to put that medicine stick up my **** so i can poop every week, it suxed! so eventully the older i got i started getting horible back pain, i felt hypoglicimic where i had to eat every 2 hours or else im dizzy or will feel faintish as well as animic, if i dnt have 1 meat daily i get so week and i dont get why! i was never diagnost becuase the drs said im fine, even after tons of blood test ( wich i belive were all the same) and xrays and mri's they found nothing. they said oh its just muscule pain on her back. i was also diagnost with dixlexia and a learning disability, so it was hard for me to focus and consontrate in school, as it is even now. i also where glasses. evently at age 20 i went to a pressision chyropracter (not many out there that do that kind of work) and he maid my back feel 85% better. then a women hit me car with her van and now i have 4 hirniated disks, athritis, wiplash, and loss of curvature in my neck, so now my head feels heavy and my neck and shoulders are my biggest problem now. i have a lawyer since insurance hates to pay, i go to a chyro and accupuncturist and physical therapy every 2 weeks, its like a 2nd job!

anywhos i became tired of always being sick and i decided to go to an allergist. they told me i was allergic to animals, dust, dustmites, mold, feathers, pollen, ect! the bigist was a mold called candida, so you have to stay away from yeast foods and bactiria foods.so i went to a nutrishanist to figure out and eatng rutine. they gave me a complete blood work and i find out not only am i allergic to yeast but everything else on the food triangle! soy,milk,wheat,glutin,veggies,some fish,some meats, coffee, chocolates! i mean the list goes on! my dr was amazed and started telling me why i had all those other symptoms, he asked if my mom had trouble giving brith to me and im like yes! and hes like thats y, she prolly ate somthing toxic and gave it to you and made you sick. that why ur back hurts and allergies, it was all internal because of the food we eat, and considering im italian just imagine how sick i musta been! all we eat is carbs! so i went on a special diet wich was HORRIBLE!!! but i felt amazing...it didint last, theres no way i can eat allergie free everyday, now i have to pick and choose what i want to cheat on realy. its a hard life. after i cheated i went into the emergency room, i got broncitis and i tryed to explain why i got it to the dr cuz he wanted to give me antibiotics and he thought i was crazy! so he gave me a panflite of how you can get acute broncitis and what a IDIOT, it says right in there how yeast can give you broncitis! but i had to take the meds anywayz of course.

so i also self diagnost myself being ADD. i mean since every dr i went to knew nothing, or basicly diagnost me years later, i felt that after i took adarole, i was alive! i mean i feel so slugish and cloudy all the time, i can sleep for hours! and sometimes it hard for me to go to sleep, but once im alseep im perfectly fine and sleep forever. its like i can wake up at 10 am and my mind wont wake up to 2pm! whats up with that! i even got fired for working in an enviornment to quick for me, my confidince was soo low after that. i have a problem with getting out of the box of the structure that i learn things. when i try to, i go blank in my mind. so i feel like it totaly is affect my work life now. i even feel like im getting depressed. i find myself crying randomly about my past and presint. i feel alot more sensitive and harsh at the same time. im a very laid back person but maybe thats not good. i even think im a shopaholic. i just love shopping when im sad or just randomly, even for other people. its starting to affect my marraige because moneys tight and my husband is very fustarated with me, with just everything, even when it comes to cleaning up and stuff. im started to feel like a failure in like all catagories and usualy im realy good in chearing myself up, but i keep things inside and i dont say them till last min wich isisint good, and i think its a problem now. its like everything that i decided to let go and forget about are all affecting me and i feel usless at times. i feel like all the physical problems i have all interact with eachother now.. almost like, i have this problem because of this problem, and now i have that problem cuz of this problem, its like a cycle, and im feeling all these symptoms i dont realy know what to think! but i can still be that energetic person randomly as well.

im seeing a phyciatrist now and she put me on wellbutrin xl, its for ADD as well as depression, i dont realy want to be on it cuz i dont belive in meds, i feel like these are normal everyday symptoms anyone can feel. so why should i use meds? i just took it my first time today so ill c what happens..my husband doesint belive i need anything. he thinks drs are crucks and you dont need them. i dunno what to think. im a very indecisive person, always have been., i just want the adorale realy..

so has anyone felt how i feel? is there a cure?

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  • If your always feeling tired and having trouble concentrating etc,have to been to a sleep specialist and had a sleep study done to check for sleep apnea etc?If not,then this may be a good idea.Have you actually been diagnosed through tests as having anemia and hypoglycemia or are you just speculating that thats whats happening?Was your allergist a real(specialist) allergist or was it more something like a naturopath/homeopath?You need to be careful who you see out there because some people are offering deceptive or faulty medical advice.Have any of your lab tests shown any abnormalities?If you just mainly eat carbs,then you should change your diet to include fruits/vegs,fish,protein etc too.Can you exercise or do you hvae exercise intolerance?Are you doing any physical exercises like mild aerobics or riding a bike?
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    • September 28, 2011
    • 04:29 AM
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