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I dread warm weather - odor!

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  • March 18, 2011
  • 11:24 PM

I am at my wits end with this. Ever since having my first baby, I've experienced a really weird body odor that is brought on my warm temperatures/humidity. As long as I'm inside, let's say under the air, I'm fine. The VERY MOMENT I go outside I immediately begin to smell sweaty. If I lick my skin it tastes like ocean water (salty). There is no visual sweat, but you can smell it. :confused: The moment I go back inside, it stops. When I get inside I wipe my skin down and I'm fine until going back out again. This also happens if I'm inside and it's humid inside.

I hate being around people. I know it's not in my head because others have acknowleged the smell. It's not coming from my armpits, it's more in the surface of the rest of my body as if it's coming from my pores. I definitely know it's is my hands, arms, chests, the areas I can reach with my nose. It's most likely all over, I just can get there to tell.

It's definitely not just seasonal as there have been unusally warm days that came early and low and behold- the smell!

It's been 18 years of this and all of my docs (endocrinologist, gyn, rheumatologist, primary) look at me like I have ten heads when I explain it. Help!

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  • Two things that can produce body odor are ketones and ammonia... Both are related to liver function and protein breakdown. Many times pregnancy can cause liver issues in the mother. Did you have any issues like this? Pregnancy can also cause weight gain and "fatty liver". Weight loss after pregnancy can also cause ketone odor as fats are broken down. Most ketone odor is an acetone (nail polish remover) type of smell, but there is another ketone called beta hydroxybutyrate that has a different smell. Sort of a vomit/burning rubber odor, though much milder than what one would normally experience when smelling these odors. Body ammonia doesn't smell like bottled ammonia as it is mixed with other organic compounds that alter its scent, though sometimes it can smell a bit like window cleaner. Try a low protein diet for a few days and see if your odor changes or becomes less of a problem. If it does, then you know what's going on. Beta hydroxybutyrate is metabolized by LECITHIN... Eating more eggs or taking a lecithin supplement may help. Ammonia problems can be fixed by helping your liver if it is stressed. Again (coincidentally), lecithin is one of the best supplements for your liver, but it may take several months on a "healthy liver diet" before you get results. Don't stay on a low protein diet for too long if protein restriction helps your odor... Switch from low quality proteins (red meat) to higher quality ones (eggs, chicken, tuna, nuts). If you're losing weight, your ketone odor will stop when you reach a stable weight. If you've got a fatty liver, look to getting this resolved and your odor will subside. Good Luck and GodSpeed to you!
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  • synesthesia, Thank you for your swift reply. I didn't have any liver issues during my pregnancy. Is there any reason as to why I only experience this in humid temperatures? My body seems to like producing weird odors at times. Prior to having a hysterectomy the smell of my menstrual blood was unbearable. :eek: It's a smell I can't even describe. I hated for someone to enter the bathroom behind me. I would never, ever leave a tampon or sanitary napkin inside the house (no matter how many times I wrapped it). The same smell would escape when I passed gas during my menstrual cycle. I wanted to be around no one bacause of that horrid smell. Another issue docs were puzzled by. I no longer get a cycle so I don't have to deal with, but I've always been curious to the reason behind the smell.
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  • Humidity greatly increases the ability of air to carry odors... I live in Souther California (warm and DRY), and it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the world can smell when I travel. When I step out of the airport in a tropical location, the glorious odors hit me like a wall of fragrance after so long in the dry air back home. Got googling around about body odor after reading your post, as I have had some recent changed in body odor myself. Discovered a new possibility to explain our odors. "Noneal" also known as "Nonenal" or "trans-2-Nonenal". It seems this stuff increases with age and possibly hormonal, (post baby) changes to the body. Lipid peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids is the cause. The palmitoleic acid found in coffee may contribute to noneal and the "coffee drinkers odor". I had recently upped my coffee intake and noticed the smell of coffee had the same charicteristic as my new odor. Something else for you to google around on!Cheers!
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  • P.S. Further reading on trans-palmitoleic acid. Not only in coffee, but: is a fatty acid found in milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and meat; is not produced by the body and so only comes from the diet.I know vegetarians who date meat eaters say they have a smell about them vegetarians don't have. The good news is... Palmitoleic acid is supposed to be good for you. Prevents type 2 diabetes.Perhaps some antioxidants / supplements that control Lipid peroxidation might help. Vitamin C & E?
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