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I dont know what is wrong with me

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  • Posted By: mstery
  • May 6, 2009
  • 10:39 PM

I have a few little on going health problems, including womb problems/endrometriosis which seem to be getting worse but lately I've been waking up freezing cold and soaked through. I know there are several possible causes for this night sweat thing but I recently had some bloods done, just fbc, blood sugar that kinda thing, all ok.

I have had some ongoing and sometimes seveer back neck and chest pains, and also seveer tiredness/exorstion to the point I am not safe to drive I cannot work or do anything well and am in fact just a total disaster of a human being, but the doc has put all of this down to the fact I have a one year old, who still hasn't realised she must sleep yet aswell as 4 other kids. I haven't told the doc about the sweats thing because it is relatively new.

I also have been getting quite short of breath, I feel I have a weight on my chest or that my lungs wont fill properly and have a perminant need to clear my throat for some odd reason.

I am feeling very very down. Is any/all of this connected and can anyone give me a clue as to what this might be?

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  • I forgot to add I also feel constantly weak, dizzy spells, and even the shortest of shopping trips knackers me out for the day, and also, whats making it worse is my hubby thinks I am chronicly lazy because I have no energy to do anything at home. I hope this helps and that someone can help me x
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  • This could be anxiety/stress/depression related. And if your husband is calling you lazy when you have 5 children to look after, well... my thoughts are not very nice about him. :mad:When your husband comes home, does he help you with the children? Or are you always the one to make dinner, help with homework, assist at bathing, washing clothes, read books, etc. while he relaxes from a hard day at work? If the answer is yes, then you have been working non stop all day. It takes a lot of energy to run a house of 7. You would be exhausted, not lazy.Night sweats can also be a perimenopause symptom, but I probably wouldn't consider it unless you were at least 38 or 40 years of age.
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  • Yes my husband does do a lot for me, thats the problem, since he lost his job I actually do very very little. I feel really guilty about it, and he makes me feel worse with little comments here and there and I cant say as I blame him cause I know how it looks, but I wish he could know what I'm feeling. i very much dought it is a menopause thing though as I am 28, though would not be overly shocked with my dodgy womb! I just wish I could make it go away and do more but I just cant, I feel so tired and my brain just won't work anymore, even to a point I forget people I know and things like that it's really upsetting me. I just want to sleep constantly.
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  • Has your doctor mentioned it could be postpartum related? This could be unrecognized depression. Your last baby is only a year old. And the fact that your husband has lost his job could be contributing to it. You both must be very stressed over your situation. You may also want to look at chronic fatigue syndrome. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/chronic-fatigue-syndrome/ds00395/dsection=symptomsI wish I had more to offer.
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  • Thanks Beth, Maybe the doc is right, maybe it all is just tiredness. I do suffer depression as well, but never had probs like this. I have been off anti depressants now for three years, because of trying for my baby, and since I've had her I've been fighting hard with my feelings because I didn't want to go back on them. M aybe it wouldn't hurt to go back on them for a little while to see if anything improves. Thanks again x
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  • If you have been diagnosed with depression before, then my guess is this is what is causing the problems now. But I think there is a difference between the doctor saying you are tired and you being depressed.Just because you have never had problems to this extent before does not mean the depression isn't causing them now. Try changing your medication if one isn't working for you. Talk to your doctor about this. Good luck with this. Be well. Come back and let us know how things are going.
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