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i dont know if i had a seizure!! please can someone tell me!

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  • Posted By: cholo32433
  • July 6, 2007
  • 02:04 AM

I cant tell if i had a seizure or stroke? I really have no idea what happened to me!! I was arguing with my boyfriend and it was very hot (i live in Fl and it's July) and my hands started to tingle. Thats when i said i thought something was wrong but the arguing didnt stop. Then my hands and face got so cramped i couldnt move them and i couldnt walk. My hands actually hurt because fingers were bent and clenched in such a weird way. My face was so tight i could barely talk because i couldnt move my lips. A friend carried me inside and laid me down on my back then he got some cold wet towels and put one on my feet and one on my face and arms. He uncurled my fingers and i could feel whatever it was going away.
The entire time i was fully concious even talking somewhat. The friend that helped me said i was shaking, maybe having convulsions, but i couldnt feel them.
I think it was stress that caused it, does anyone know what happened to me?

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  • Don't you think you should go to the doctor and get some tests run...or, I guess, don't argue with your boyfriend!!! Well, what about severe dehydration and some heat exhaustion with plunging magnesium. I would go to the doctor. Carry some bags of Emergenc-C in your purse for those hot summer days.
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  • A cousin of mine who suffered from an eating disorder (anorexia) and did not get all the necessary nutrients the body needs to function properly used to have seizures like that. My advice is to get tested-maybe it is some defficiency in vitamins or minerals.
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  • I had the exact SAME thing, except for that I was in the bath, so it would have been hot as well. My fingers couldn't be pried apart and it sounded like I was deaf when I tried to speak. So it sounds like the same thing, just extreme pain and clenched muscles, like a full body charlie horse, I would compare it to, but much worse and very scary.I am going in to tests for my blood pressure, since it seems to be really low, so that might also be a factor. I thought that I was having a stroke.
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  • how about your fingers,hands,toes feel like after you recover ?or do you feel any numbness/paraesthesia/tinggling after you recover ?
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  • hyperpyrexia (heat exhaustion...heat stroke)
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  • when i had a siesure from dyhydration i coudlnt close my fingers all the way then went into a siesure. it was dyhydration. i also had a fever
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  • cramping in the hands like that is a classic symptom of a panic attack.
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    • October 28, 2010
    • 02:15 AM
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  • Under the correct stress, any brain is capable of seizures. Excessive heat (pyrexia, to some) is well known to cause seizures. Emotional stress is well documented as causing seizures. Dehydration (hypovolemia, to some) is also well documented. Panic attacks, while generally psychogenic, can stimulate genuine seizure activity. I have actually seen two cases where a patient attempting to fake a seizure caused real seizure activity. Yes. It is highly probable that you had a seizure, especially if you have no memory of the event. The causes are many and varied. They are well worth discussing with your physician.
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    • October 28, 2010
    • 09:45 PM
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  • cramping in the hands like that is a classic symptom of a panic attack.This would either be a strange panic attack (although they do manifest sometimes with symptoms like this). I think the most likely cause by far is heat stroke or dehydration which can cause all of your symptoms and would be common in FL when its hot. Stroke and seizures are not as common (at least having one for the first time in the case of seizures) in mid ages (15-45) which I assumed you were in. They are not brought on by stress which can worsen some other symptoms of panic attacks and heat related problems, exacerbated by dehydration.
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    • November 2, 2010
    • 05:46 PM
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  • that could've been a really bad anxiety attack, i've had really bad ones like that.. it probably wont happen that badly again. you can talk to a doctor to confirm it, if anything like that happens in the future, you just need to calm yourself down and practice breathing techniques. research anxiety a bit on google and stuff to read the symptoms and see if you can remember having them.
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