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I don't think its panic disorder

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  • Posted By: TDB7942
  • April 3, 2009
  • 06:33 PM

6 months ago I woke up feeling ill at 2am. I had rushes of warmth over my body, was nauseous, my head was spinning. My heart was racing and my breathing was labored. There was pain in my arms - or they kind of felt numb. I expected the stomach flu - but it wasn't. I felt tortured with the disorientation and sick feeling. It was toe-curling, moan-inducing discomfort in my head. More of a psychological torture than a headache. I felt like I was lifting off the floor. I blacked out twice that night dislocating my shoulder and getting a concussion from 4 hits to my head. The whole episode lasted about 2 hours. I went to the Dr. for the shoulder but blew off the sickness as a one time crazy event. Two nights later I felt the creepy all consuming discomfort coming on again. I didn't get up because I knew I would black out. The frequency increased and I continued to have symptoms day and night. The night ones were the worse. I had a 24 hour dull headache and nausea (like morning sickness). I lost 8 pounds without trying. I was exhausted, confused, felt like I was drugged (but wasn't taking any meds). I had and EKG, Echocardiogram, CT scan on my brain, multiple blood tests and was determined to be very healthy. So I was diagnosed with panic disorder when the Zanax helped. I have been on Zoloft for 5 months and it definitely muffles the symptoms but I can tell they are flaring up inside. I don't think it is panic disorder because I never feel panicked or like I need to "get out of here" and the episodes last hours not minutes. I have had severe stress for 4 years solid prior to the event but the first month my life was settling all this happened. I am a very healthy, active, 40 year old woman with a BMI of 20 and 17% body fat. I did have 1/2 my thyroid removed at age 12 but am not on meds and have checked out normal. Other "not related" symptoms are chronic back pain in my lower left hip. X-rays show nothing but the pain shoots and burns. I am wondering if it might be a B12 deficiency - I'll have that checked this week. Any other ideas? Please help, I don't think Zoloft will work for much longer and I have 3 little kids that need me on my feet.

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  • well, you mentioned that you were under severe stress for years before. i know it really doesn't seem like an answer, but stress can cause severe and scary symptoms. i have had this happen multiple times. pretty much sounds like my description except for the blacking out. most of the time its AFTER i am out of a stressful situation. when you are under stress, your body starts running in a state of shock all the time. when you are no longer under stress, your body is unwinding. Think of twisting a rubberband really tight and then letting it go. It kind of snaps. That's kind of what happens in our bodies. Anyway, after time, this may just pass. the only thing that worries me about this is the blacking out. i think you should get your O2 sats checked and make sure you are getting enough oxygen. you might have a breathing problem that is impairing your oxygen absorption. if thats true, the zoloft will make it worse. it relaxes all systems in the body, therefore relaxing your diaphram- which will decrease breathing. you get numbness and pain in your arms from a lack of oxygen. its common in smokers, too, because of their impaired oxygen absorption. anyway- hope this helps!
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  • Thank you for your reply. Are you saying that you have the same symptoms and that you have panic disorder? My O2 was okay and the Dr. said I was not anemic (a sign of B12 deficiency). It may just be panic disorder but my gut is telling me to keep searching.
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  • Celiac disease sometimes causes panic-like symptoms and can affect the thyroid gland.
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