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  • Posted By: Dreanicole
  • May 17, 2008
  • 02:33 AM

I'm a 17 year old female, pretty normal weight - size 4. I've dealt with medical problems for practically my whole life, but in recent years, they have just been escalading. I am now to the point of taking at least 8 pills a day, with no relief.

When I was young - like ages 2-4, maybe - I had a lot of ear infections. I also wet my pants often until the age 7 or 8. I was found to have chronic urinary tract infections and ureteral reflux. The urologist figured I would "grow out of it". Around the age of 9 or 10, I was diagnosed with costochondritis - my heart rate would increase.

At a check-up before I began middle school, I mentioned to my doctor that I was always cold and tired andI thought I might have iron-deficiency anemia. A CBC was drawn and the diagnosis was confirmed.

Toward the end of that school year, when I was 13, I began having back and neck pain and stiffness. I went to a chiropractor a lot. To this day, my back hurts daily and I pop my own neck several times a day (bad habit).

When I was 14, I developed an eating disorder (EDNOS - basically anorexia without the 15% below normal weight). This hit me hard for about half a year. Around the same time, I was missing a lot of school because I was constantly sick with sinus infections. I also had CONSTANT sore throats, and doctors mentioned that I could have acid reflux - although it has never really been diagnosed. I still have a sore throat sometimes, but it's not as often as it was, and I've grown used to it.

Since then, I've had recurrant UTI's -- more and more frequently. I also have migranes. I've been severely anemic for 5 years now; Iron supplements only put me on the very very low side of "normal". My internist also found out 3 months ago that I have a huge deficiency of vitamin D. He told me I have fibromyalgia, although this doesn't even BEGIN to cover my vast array of symptoms. He also didn't preform the diagnostics needed to confirm a positive diagnosis.

All in all, my symptoms include: fatigue, feeling of being cold nearly all the time, anemia, low vitamin D level, low cholesterol (my doctor actually told me to incorporate MORE cholesterol into my diet), UTIs, hernias, muscle weakness and soreness, dizziness - and as of yesterday - fainting, sore throat, decreasing vision and vision spots, bone pain, headaches, weight loss (I'm not sure how much, but I used to be a larger size 6 to an 8 and now I'm about a 4), random muscle twitches, slightly elevated ANA, joint pain...

That's all I can think of currently, but some of my symptoms come and ago, and some days I feel better than others. All I know is that something must be causing all of this and I'm sick of being tired and tired of being sick. If you have any suggestions or can help in ANY way, please talk to me... I can't deal with this anymore. Thank you.

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  • You are correct.. fibromyalgia certainly doesnt cause a lot of your symptoms! (ones with fibomyalgia..have been found to have increased headaches.. but other than that.. most of your symptoms dont fit with that). Do realise that if you still have an eatting disorder.. that could cause a lot of your symptoms. Are you eatting 3 healthy normal sized meals per day?
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  • I agree-- if you're not eating you are causing some, if not all, of these problems...
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  • I am back to a regular diet now. I honestly can't imagine putting myself through that ***l again. I go through periods of time when I'm not hungry at all, but I still make myself eat because I know that my nutrition is important for feeling my best... or at least, my best that I can for now. I was tested for Lyme and the test was negative, but you say the tests aren't that great - why is that?
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  • fibromyalgia is a possibility and in fact you often see it with hypothyrodism. Taking care of a low thryoid problem often helps those with this condition. Many of your symptoms sound like they point to hypothryoidism. Low thryoid has a few causes but one of the more common one is the autoimmune disease of the thryoid called Hashimotos disease. It is sometimes difficult to diagnosis with the usual doctor. It may be best to see a specialist called an endocrinologist. Even so, your regular doctor can at least order the blood test: FT4, FT3, TSH and the antibodies for the autoimmune disease. Get all the tests I mentioned if you are going to test for it even if the doctor says you only need TSH, INSIST on all....if you want to clearly know why, look up on thryoid disease. Mary Shomon's site on thryoid is great. Thryoid problems are very, very very common and with some medical intervention you CAN be feeling a lot better. It is possible you have another autoimmune disease, but you might try testing for thryoid first. BTW I cannot stress this enough. If you do get tested make sure your TSH is between 0.3 and 2.5....typically anything over this or under is suspect. Some doctors say normal range is 0.3 to 5!!!!! 5 is WAY WAY to high by the way! Joan
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  • Okay, I'll ask my doctor about that when I go in for my next visit. I'm getting blood work done in a couple weeks. I have had my thyroid checked a couple times, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to check once again. In my earlier posts, I forgot to mention that I have extreme short stabbing abdominal pain sometimes. What could this be from? Please someone help me! This not only puts a huge stress on me, but on my entire family. Sometimes my mom yells at me. I CAN'T TAKE THIS! I KNOW that someone my age should not have this much medical problem to deal with.
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  • You are a precious 17 year old girl...very close in age to my own daughter. I know your mom may yell, but I think she is just worried. I am sure she really loves you and wants the very best for you. Your thryoid can be very tricky. DO LOOK UP ON THRYOID issues before you go to the doctor. ALSO thryoid numbers can even be "normal" but if you have the antibodies for one of the autoimmune diseases of the thryoid, you still can suffer from symptoms. Abdominal pains can be also a symtpoms of hypothryidism in that the digestive system slows and/or even gets out of whack ....you may have symptms, therefore, of IBS, but the cause may be actually thryoid. Actually, I found out my thryoid problem becasue of digestive issues. At first they thought I had stomach cancer...can you imagine!!!! THey even put a camera down my throat to my stomach to check...it was, of course CLEAR! Finally a very good GP noticed the CLASSIC sign of (in my case) Graves disease (autoimmune disease of the thryoid) and helped me. It takes a while to recover from thryoid problems, but once you know what you have it helps a lot! I think you may need to see the specialist - endocrinologist - you may be dealing with serveral issues of the endocrine system. Take heart, you are not the only 17 year old to have all kinds of symptoms...many young folks have allergies or diabetes and other things....you may not know it as they probably keep it to themselves....hang in there, educate yourself...tell your mom you need support and don't give up! Joan Once you get your results for the thryoid, post back here or at one of the thryoid sites (Mary Shomon's as I mentioned abefore) and get some advice from mthe many ladies who have been through this, or are going through it now....Joan
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  • I second that; you have thyroid problems.
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  • The first thing that came to mind reading your unfortunate young history was a sensitivity to cow's milk products - very simple, but usually undiagnosed. It also goes along with the ear infections and incontinence starting when you were a kid, sinus infections, acid reflux, and could easily escalate into the chain of symptoms you describe as your body becomes more and more overloaded and imbalanced... (Personally I get the stabbing pain stomach pain - like I've swallowed concrete!, depression, headaches, and joint pain from it so of course I completely avoid it.) It's pretty clear you could also have candida imbalance as well which can be aggravated by the milk products and other sugars - it is usually a factor in urinary infections, constant sore throats, etc. You've probably had a lot of anti-biotics and medication all your life from the symptoms you describe - the milk products themselves AND the medications can cause candida. Just avoid all cow's milk products for 1 week and see how you feel...milk, yoghurt, cheese, cream sauces, watch for creamy salad dressings and of course milk chocolate!.. Food intolerances don' always show up on allergy tests - most are not accurate. Some show what's going on in the blood, etc. but not always how your stomach will react. (you don't need it for calcium - if you're intolerant to it you're not absorbing it properly anyway. Lots of calcium in green veg. like broccoli, spinach, and also sesame and sunflower seeds.) You could start detoxing as soon as you stop the dairy, so you might notice a lot of mucous - coughing it up or blowing your nose. If so, that's great. You can help the process with a couple of glasses of water before breakfast...2 L throughout the day, not with food. I would suggest a couple of supplements - check with your doctor first since you're on medication - although normally these are ok. 1. 2 x Flax oil Omega 3 capsules (anti-inflammatory, help clean the mucous out of the lymph)2. For the candida, 2 Acidophilus caps per meal for 10 days.. this should help get your digestive tract into balance. Candida on its own can be devastating, and clearing it is pretty easy if you're careful with your diet. NO sugars and starchy carbs (sugar is yeast food)... I have a candida diet attachment for my clients - if you want I'll email it to you. www.freehelp99@yahoo.comKaren
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