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I don't know what to do..

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 15, 2009
  • 08:13 PM

I'm 12, supposed to be 13 in a few months. I've been having pain under my left rib, usually where the liver is located. It's been going on and off for about two years now, since the beginning of sixth grade, along with some fevers of up to 101.6, and some slight fatigue I've gone to my pediatrician but, he says it's choleliths.. Most of my symptoms are pointing more towards my liver, not gallbladder. I've been refered to tons of blood tests, and got hospitalized (for more bloodwork..) but they can't seem to find anything, and the paint keeps getting worse and worse. Anyone have a second opinion on this?

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  • The liver is NOT located on the left side. You said that the pain is under the left rib, so I am guessing it's under the final rib on the left side. In this area is your spleen and your stomach. If you mean your RIGHT side then it is probable that it is your liver or your gallbladder. However, the pain could also be caused by a problem in your lower intestine if it is indeed your LEFT.
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  • Total mistake, I meant my right side.Thanks blaze, but i messed up.
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  • Ugh, I meant on the right side. :(Sorry blaze, total mistake on my part.
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  • If you think there's something wrong with your liver check your eyes. If the whites of your eyes (the area around the iris--your eye color) appears to be a yellow-golden-brown then it indicates liver failure. That would be one of the only ways to check for a liver problem. Other than that it's most likely your gallbladder.
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  • sounds like gallbladder to me....if you are having liver problems, it would show up in your labs....lower your fat intake, increase your veggie intake and see if that helps. I know that a 12-13 year old's diet consists of alot of Mc Donalds french fries so stay away from high fat fast foods and see how you feel.
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  • Please describe any other symptoms other than the pain and occasional low-grade fever, regardless of whether you believe it to be related, ie indigestion, belching, bloating, hyperbowel sounds etc. Also describe the nature of the pain in terms of whether it is constant or intermittent and whether it occurs before, during or after eating, whether a change in body position relieves the pain and whether it is worse during the morning, daytime or evening hours, if at all. If the diagnostic series evaluating your liver and gall bladder are coming up negative, I would suggest that you work with your parents to have your gastroenterologist consider studies of your duodenum. Under certain circumstances, a fair degree of chronic pain can be produced in instances where the duodenum is being affected by either pressure from intestinal gas in the stomach or a dysregulation in how fast or slow food is being processed through it. That's a rather simplistic description, but it's important for your doctors to consider in instances where no evidence of disease or disorder exists with your liver or gall bladder. Lastly, due to your age, it's very important that you keep your parents apprised of any changes you are experiencing and always be careful about "advice" from the internet. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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