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I don't know what it is anymore..

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 7, 2009
  • 11:51 PM

Well to get straight to the fact I'm having multiple symptoms and I do not know where to start.. Firstly let's state what I know for sure. I'm partially colorblind and I have no allergies to any foods or medicines. And my allergies are sensitive to dust pollen etc. I have always had a speech impedament and have always been shy. I am a 23 Yr old male 5'11 around 220 pounds. My diet consist of normal foods any average american eats every day. I try to keep fast food down to two visits a month depending on time. And I drink water and juice 99 percent of the time. I do enjoy a DR Pep with a meal or two a week.

Over the past couple of years I've started to forget things and easily. I can not look up a phone number anymore and dial it from my memory. I have to write it down and then dial it or have it in front of my face. I have began to forget where I placed things or to call someone back after I would tell them or listened to a voice mail. And I'm having difficulty in constructing well thought out sentences when I speak and sometimes I slur when I speak. And I have started to stutter and I normally only stutter when I'm angry. And now I stutter during a normal conversation.

Furthermore my vision has started to decline. I used to have great night eyes and had no problem seeing at night or seeing something during the day on a billboard. Now lights from other cars on the road hurt my eyes and pretty much blind me on the road. I can not read signs clearly anymore on the road and I can't read road signs until I'm right on them.
I am also starting to sleep more and lost interest in many things that brought me enjoyment before. Instead of waking up refreshed I feel tired even after 7-8 hours of sleep and end up sleeping 12 hours. And these are on nights where I fall asleep on the spot.. Insomnia is now common place with me. At least 3 nights a week I lay in bed for hours trying to force myself asleep or doing something until I finally feel tired and only getting 4 -5 hours of sleep or even less before work. And I can never find the will to do anything anymore. I can not turn on tv to just watch tv or play a video game. I can not find the willpower to just go out and watch a movie or play pool with my friends. I am irritable now where as I was normally easy going and fun to get along with.

I have also started to have nosebleeds at least once a week. And on a bad week I have at least 4-5.

And recently I've had really bad digestion problems. It started with constant ******g a couple years back. I would have gas no matter what I ate or did. People heard me ***t in my sleep and I would get so much gas built up in the day that if I didn't let it go it hurt. Well I would say about 40 percent of them have become wet now. In the past year I went to the ER 3 times for severe stomach pain and bloody stool. The first time the doc told me to take antibiotics thinking it was a bug from well water/bad food. After a week my stomach started to kill me. At work I feel on the floor from stomach pains. I revised the Er that night and they gave me a blue substance to coat my stomach and a pill and let me sleep for about two hours and sent me home telling me to not take anymore AB also telling me to eat thing to rebuild the good bacteria in my stomach. Then the blood returned but in chunks like fleshy chunks with mild pain about two weeks later. And since then I have started to constantly have discolored stool as in black ,green ,light green with chunks of red ,diearathic ,with slime around it.. It's not consistent anymore and I rarely have a normal passing anymore. And the stomach pains come and go but nothing near as painful as it was that one night. I have not been taking tums/any other stomach medicine as they don't help.

And lastly and most embarrassingly I have developed a small wart about the size of a pinhead and another even smaller below it on my "Junk". It's not a STD as my last partner was two years ago and I was her first and she was mine. It looks more like a small chancre then anything else.

I don't know if I just have the bad luck of getting multiple things in a short time or if it's all connected.. Your opinions are appreciated and I just wanted to get some so when I do go to a doctor I'm not unarmed. All opinions are welcome as I just want some idea of what could be going on..

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