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I don't know what I have

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  • Posted By: Sunerin
  • February 3, 2009
  • 03:57 PM

Hello, I will list all my symptoms now and my story after that.


-Flatulence (or a benign form of fecal incontinence)
-Skin Color Vacillating (meaning it always changes)
-Sleep Problems/ insomnia (related)
-Skin Color on Penis and Buttocks significantly darker than rest of body (black in color)
-Heart Palpitations
-Armpit Sweat (abnormally bad smelling)
-Anxiety attacks (correlated, procured because of the above symptoms)

And it would be remiss if I didn't add it now - a penis scar (from my childhood when I zipped up my pants, my penis' skin got caught)


I seem to have listed all my symptoms, though there are some other odd facts.

Firstly all these symptoms are brought on, and seem to be created whenever I masturbate - and more masturbation thereafter will exacerbate the problem further. So let's say I abstain from masturbation for a period of 20 days, there would be little or no symptoms. But if I masturbate 3 times a week, which is what I currently do, all these symptoms including flatulence, skin color changes, bad smelling armpit sweat, and insomnia screw my life, which is why I dropped out of day school and now attend online school. But if I more than 3 times a week, say I masturbate 4-6 times a week, the problem is so unbearable, that within 2-3 minutes of me entering a room, people are gasping for fresh air. I seem to taint the air.

Whenever I masturbate, I have more flatulence and these other symptoms, which is hard to control; and even sometimes impossible to control if I eat a lot, so that is why I always refrain from eating too much because then I ***t a lot more. I thought this could be fecal incontinence but I went to an expert about that issue and he told me I do not have fecal incontinence (but I think I might have). I also have a significantly darker penis and buttocks. Also my entire family has lighter skin color, and I'm the only darky.

As I listed my symptoms before, my skin color does vacillate. If I don't masturbate for a period of 20 days or so I'd say my skin color would return to normal (beige), but the more I masturbate the more my skin, my face, my chest, my hands, my thighs, everything becomes darker. Also I take a shower daily and notice that whenever these symptoms are severe, there is a second layer of sediments, like the type that a person would find under their nails, coming off my skin. Also sleep gets worse more I masturbate.

So why I ask you does this happen to me?

I prayed to ****s before, but that never got me anywhere. I went to doctors but they say they don't smell much and that my hygiene and my anxiety could be the culprit; also I only smell in certain situations for some odd reason - the more nervous or anxious, or when my heart beats faster I smell more. Even exercising (which makes the heart beat fast), which I try to keep up with, will make me smell horribly. So much that when I enter a class after exercise, like 30 minutes of basketball, my odor will remain in the classroom for the better part of the day, and the next class will comment on the bad smelling room. Now I don't attend day school and I'm happy at my online school, but next year will be university, and abstaining from masturbation for even a week, is hard. A

My family does not have any medical problems aside from my Dad having diabetes. I went to a doctor and expressed my position and my predicament, but he seems to think I'm delusional perhaps. I visit my psychiatrist bi-monthly and they offer anti-anxiety medication (citalopram) for my anxiety, in hopes to reduce my anxiety to reduce smell, but so far no dice; I've been with them for over 2 years and still no solution.

If you managed to read through all my concerns, please note that all these symptoms started after masturbation, and I never smelt badly or had any of these concerns before my first masturbation at age 13/14, at 9th grade. But now that I'm 18, I'm slowing down on masturbation, I also think puberty is over or almost over for me.

Thus far masturbation seems to be the cause, and it is harder to quit, I'm trying to limit myself to twice per week, also my penis scar from my childhood is there on my penis. I don't know if that is the problem, the scar is on the underpart of my penis, and that might be the culprit? I showed the doc but he didn't comment on how that could be related.

So please reply. Sorry for it being quite long.

Edit Sorry for this, but I forgot to mention this before, I think I passed gallstones or something that made my tummy hurt, this was a while ago, about age 9, my pelvic region hurt a lot and the pain would be intermittent, and I know that this excruciating pain during this happed about 3 times, and each would last about an hour, during which I thought I was going to die. If it is gallstones, how is it doing this?? I'm lost for ideas, someone suggest what must I do to confirm this or not, because gallstones turned up on the diagnosis multiple checker. Also chemical poisoning turned up, I have no idea if that could be true for me.

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