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I confuse dr.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 13, 2007
  • 09:13 PM

I have been back and forth to dr. for over a year. No one knows anything. I am 25 years old female with 2 children. My youngest is 2.

1. Galactorrhea (producing breast milk - not preg. or breastfeeding)
2. hair loss
3. Severe headaches
4. blurred vision
5. Right arm weakness
6. toes go numb
7. tackycardia
8. severe pelvic pain (possible endometriosis)
9. irregular periods

My hormone levels are in normal range. MRI showed no pituatary tumor. and no breast cancer.

Anyone have any suggestions.

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  • Hi,Get checked for thyroid levels. And have someone palpate (feel) your thyroid, to see if there is anything lumpy about it.A few years ago, I had some similar symptoms, and did some similar tests. Turned out my thyroid was growing some nodules...docs didn't think that had anything to do with my continuing to lactate. But two weeks after they removed my nodules (and the thyroid with them), the lactation stopped.Also, thyroid problems can cause hair problems. Nail problems too. And GI.Best,Shula
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  • Did you have CT or only MRI?
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  • Are you currently on any birth control - pill, patch, injection, or IUD?I am asking because a lot of your symptoms are similar to side effects from these forms of bc, and most docs miss this.Best wishesDOM
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  • The doctors have checked my thyroid multiple times. All tests come back normal. I had an ultrasound of the breast and an MRI of the Brain. All normal.I am not on any medications including birth control. This is why I am begging for help. I have been tested for everything my doctor can think of more than once. I just found out that me dr. has made me an appt. with a neurologist so we will see if that helps.
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  • www.ahummingbirdsguide.com go there increased prolactin is a sx all your sx are there see how many you have. If several, approach your doctor...I believe it is of epidemic proportions. You would not believe the amount of people on this site with ME sx....Good Luck...mommy cat
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  • I would suggest having your hormone levels checked and a ultrasound of your ovaries. In my personal opinion, it sounds possible that you may have PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Hormones specifically that would be a good idea to have checked is your estrogen, testosterone and prolactin. PCOS carries such symptoms of irregular menstrual periods, hair loss, hirsutism (hair in places it shouldn't be on women) and many, many more! I would go to your GYN and have her follow up to see what it could be from. Often times women with PCOS also have issues with hyperglycemia or insulin resistance and problems with high cholesterol (which could be causing hypertension causing your headaches and blurred vision). The pain you're experience can be related to the cysts on your ovaries that could be bursting which often also happens with PCOS. I don't mean to make it seem as though it's a definitive diagnosis, as I'm not a doctor. But I think it would definetly be something to look into. I have PCOS and also get the discharge from my breast. Hormonal imbalances could definetly be the cause of your issues. Good luck!
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  • The problem is that I have had my hormones checked repeatedly. ALL OF THEM. They are in normal range. Everything they come back normal.
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  • I personally would ask to see a copy of them if you haven't already. A lot of the s/s you have very possibly could be related to hormones. Also, there is a such thing as your cells being very sensitive to certain hormones. If it's not your hormones, either way I hope you find the cause so it can be treated.
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  • PLEASE go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com it has nothing to do with hummingbirds and everything to do with your symptoms...increased prolactin ect...GO THERE...LOOK AT SYMPTOMS PAGE write down how many you have...it's worth looking into
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  • The problem is that I have had my hormones checked repeatedly. ALL OF THEM. They are in normal range. Everything they come back normal. When you cannot find answers from Western diagnostics, maybe it is time to try an alternative or integrative approach. A good naturopath, or Oriental Medical practitioner may be able to steer you in the right direction and correct the inbalance. There are Chinese herbs to help with galactorrhea, and a certified herbalist could be helpful. Visit www.acufinder.com for more info and to find a qualified practitioner near you. Best wishesDOM
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  • Demand to see an endocrinologist - and make sure they are using UP-TO-DATE numbers. What was normal 5 years ago is no longer considered normal according to the national endocrinological associations. It is vital that you get what the numbers are and do your on search.I would lean towards a thyroid issue - and PCOS is as likely a candidate as any.
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