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I cant deal with this anymore, i want to die PLEASE help

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  • Posted By: Doesn't Make Sense
  • November 28, 2008
  • 11:50 PM

hi, in 16. But i feel like i just want to die.... heres the symptoms
(this is going to be a very long post)

Keep in mind these symptoms have been getting worse over only 2 and a half years. its scary how all these symptoms have appeared so fast

- Heart palpatations (shown arrhythmia in EKG and other heart tests)

- Strange skin rashes that come out of nowhere. but disappear in minutes, or seconds

- Sudden swelling, that is extreme. an example is when my wrist got so swollen that i couldnt move my hand.

- EXTREME leg pain. i always say this to my parents and they think the pain is like i hit it off a wall or something. no. it is VERY bad. mostly in the thigh, very bad pain in the knee when bent. calf muscle burning pain, ankle soreness and foot numbness

- Thrush on the tongue that does not go away despite going on anti-biotic mouthwash for weeks, scrubbing it off with a toothbrush, EVERYTHING has failed

- Bad infections that keep poping up. i have actually been off school the last 2 weeks due to a bad throat infection (which came up shortly after a sinus infection)

- Sleep problems. i CANNOT fall asleep to save my life. i always feel exhausted but when i try to go to sleep i just cant. no matter what i do i cannot get to sleep until i get just so exhausted that i pass out. AND i dont have refreshing sleep. i slept for 12 hours straight before and woke up exhausted. (all things ive tried to help my get to sleep has failed)

- Getting very dizzy upon standing up for about 30 sec to a minute. also during these dizzy spells i see flashing lights

- Spiking fever randomly even if i dont have an infection (highest it got was 102 and lasted for about a day. the doctor i saw at the walk in did not see any evidence of throat infection ect)

- Long term memory loss and Short term memory loss. like if a teacher describes what i have to do for a project i will forget it very shortly after or if i study for a test i wont remember a thing

- Rectal bleeding. it has only happened once (it actually happened just yesterday)

- Stomach problems. stomach pain and feeling like im going to throw up

- Weird eating patterns, for months ill feel like i wanna eat everything in sight, then for months i wont eat anything.

- Exessive salt use. i put salt on everything because i always seem to have some type of craving for it.

Tests Done -


-Blood test for Lime Disease-x4

-Stool sample checking for parasites.

- Blood test for Lupus

- Cardiac heart moniter-x4 one was worn for 12 hours, then 24 hours then a week then 2 weeks and then for 3 weeks (all those over the course of 2 and a half years)

- EKG and Ultrasound of the heart. (2 ultrasounds)

- Chest x-rays, leg x-rays and arm x-rays

- Blood tests checking blood glucos ect
(and probably more. but ive had so much done i cant possibly remember it all)

ALL tests have been NEGATIVE

im sure theres more that ive missed because i have so many symptoms. ill edit when i remember.

so can ANYBODY help me? please i just need an answer, im on my last nerve and i dont know what to do anymore, doctors cant find anything..... im desperate for an answer.

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  • A couple of thoughts from a reader: 1. You need to talk to a doc who is patient, and will listen, and sort out your symptoms--separate the important ones from the not-so-important. 2. It is possible to have more than one health issue at a time, possible that this is so for you. 3. Some of us, (me included) are more sensitive to "bodily sensations" than others are, and more aware of them--this may explain some of the more minor of your list--if that can be "figured out" it would help to narrow the list. 4. Possible to have a wide-ranging list of seemingly unrelated symptoms in several bodily systems that indeed, are in fact part of one phenomena--again, a doc who is patient, and will listen to your story an asset here. Seems to me that it is ALWAYS a physician with patience and a good listening ear that is the key to a difficult diagnosis. 5. Please tell your parents how upset you are about all of this, again if you have already--or talk to a trusted teacher or your minister/priest/rabbi--sounds like it is pretty overwhelming to you.
    carcie 1 Replies
    • December 1, 2008
    • 01:42 PM
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  • I am sorry for all you have been going through:(. First of all, since you had 4 tests for Lymes I would suggest finding a Lyme Literate doctor to again test you using Bowen or Igenex labs. Lyme is notoriously hard to diagnose, and you are showing all the signs of this disease. Second, you have candida overload causing your thrush, and contributing to many other symptoms. Candida is VERY hard to get under control, and allopathic antifungals don't usually work as effectively as herbal cleanses IME. Please research candida overload - I personally like the following websites: www.wholeapproach.com and www.candidasupport.org... cannot vouch for the products (except for Threelac, which I have used and recommend to my patients). What meds are you currently taking and have you taken antibiotics this past year? If so, do you remember which ones? This is VERY important. I wonder if you were taking the drug AVELOX? Is your rectal bleeding profuse? Bright red blood? Any mucus? Have you been tested for clostridium difficile infection? Do you have diarrhea or loose stools? At the very least I suggest getting a good quality PROBIOTIC with several strains of beneficial flora to help get your intestines and immune system back on track. I like Jarrow or NSI brand. Best wishes DOM
    acuann 3080 Replies
    • December 1, 2008
    • 05:12 PM
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  • I too think the probiotic is a good idea. Also, cut out eating things with added sugar, also white flour and starchy food. I had thrush for years, and it stopped when I switched to using sweeteners and eating only whole-wheat and whole grain food. This worries me: "- Strange skin rashes that come out of nowhere. but disappear in minutes, or seconds- Sudden swelling, that is extreme. an example is when my wrist got so swollen that i couldnt move my hand." This sounds like allergy to me. And if not allergy, something that still needs to get checked out by an allergy specialist. Ask your doctor about CVID and IgA deficiency. If you have this, it means your are very susceptible to getting certain infections (always sick with a cold or stomach bug). Don't worry too much, though. I have some of these things and I do just fine. :o
    aquila 1263 Replies
    • December 2, 2008
    • 06:00 PM
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