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i cant deal with my short memory

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  • Posted By: hannah sabi
  • April 30, 2007
  • 07:31 PM

i'm 21 years old i'm of normal physical health and normal weight , i eat almost healthy food , i work out and cmmonly take good care of my body.....
but not so long ago i became having some problems with my memory.... they started with me forgetting most of the people that i knew but didnt know very well and it became really embarrasing for me when somebody comes and says hi and try so hard to remind me of them but give up knowing there's no use in that......i thought that was a major problem but that really was just the tip of the iceberg, later then i started some bigger troubles like losing 80% of my memories about my life and then stated to forget the names of the people i knew for long now i forget doing or saying things even in time as close as yesterday, and my last dissapointment when a friend of mine was telling me the other day that she enjoyed chatting with me on the internet tow weeks ago aconversation that lasted for ten minuites and that i couldnt remember any of.......so far i was able to deal with all these issues , but the one i cant deal with is my studying , i study as hard as i can but i seem to remember only few things of what i study and now i'm stating to fail in school......... i'm so scared and worried of failing this year ...........please help me ..........

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  • are you taking any medication?
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  • Hanna...short term memory problems, difficulty recalling memories, difficulty making new memories...Honey PLEASE go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com go to symptoms page, write down aas many as you have no matter how trivial they seem. this is viral, may be contagious and it's neurological, hence the fact of memory problems...I know, I have had the same problems and many more for years...Please go to the site and let me know...There are hundreds of people on this site having sx of ME and keep in mind it's contagious(even through breathing) Good luck...mommy cat
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  • dear fauve thanks for caring........and no i'm not taking any madications of any typethank you
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  • dear mommy cat thank u so much for the website i did visit it and it helped alot but still this is not the problem i'm having thank u so much for ur help
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  • Do you smoke pot or any other drugs like ecstacy? If not, it might be time to visit a doctor and insist on a referral to a neurologist.
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  • Hi Hannah,You really do need to go to the doctor for this. Soon. There are so many things that could cause this. But at your age, if you have truly described the symptoms well (no exaggerations), and you are not taking any meds, not even herbal ones, then there's definitely something wrong that needs a doctor's attention.Any bad symptom that gets worse, is worthy of a doctor appointment. But something that gets worse over weeks/months, and just keeps getting worse, is definitely something to see a doctor about.Also, do you have any other symptoms? Headaches? Fever? Sleeping more/less than usual? Gaining/losing weight?You mentioned that you are 21. Do you live with anyone? Parents, a roommate, anyone? Do you have someone close to you who could go to the doctor with you?The reason I ask, is that when the problem is memory, it is extremely important to have someone with you at the doctor's office, since you can't count on remembering what you are supposed to do (like tests you need to arrange, or prescriptions to fill), or what the doctor says.Write back. I am concerned about you. And I have way too much experience in this area...I was in a big car accident 3 years ago, and my memory has been bad since.
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  • This sounds EXACTLY like a mold/fungus poisoning. You can go to lowes or home depot and get a test kit for mold or carbon monoxide. check your house for leaky sinks or areas that have mold or moisture... somtimes you can't find it.. the longer you wait the more damage it does to your brain.... I would go to the ER and tell them your symptoms and to test you for mold (Stachybotrys)"Stachybotrys is most famous for its destruction of brain tissue. If someone starts developing memory problem, starts to lose the ability to think logically, and feels disconnected from the world around him or her, those are possible symptoms of both Stachybotrys and of Alzheimer's disease."
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