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i cannot get a diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 24, 2007
  • 04:23 PM

when i get hot, and my skin gets hot, my skin becomes very itchy and irrotable its unbearable. it used to start and after a few minutes would go but recently the only way to get it to go is to cool down immediately. it used to happen when i was doing physical activity but now it happens even when im sitting in hot rooms.

i have been to my doctors several times and they have told me they dont think there is a cure but it has not been diagnosed.

can somebody please help me cos its affecting my life. i cant play sports, and more recently i cant sit in hot classrooms as my skin gets unbearably itchy.


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  • check out allergies...sometimes causes itchy, red welt-like hives also, check out facial flushing...thought I was having early menopause...like hot flashes as far as allergies...have you changed any products, taking a new medicine? good luck in your search...mommy cat
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  • How old are you?Only things I can think of are: allergy or hypothyroidism
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  • Have you taken E? Or amphetamines? This can affect your body temp. Sorry, had to ask....you sound young. Temperature/metabolism is controlled by the Thyroid. Get your thyroid checked. However, due to the progression of the heat intolerance....are you allergic to your own sweat? Or, more accurately, certain things in your sweat? Do you sweat? Check this out: http://www.ilo.org/encyclopaedia/?doc&nd=857100084&nh=0&ssect=2. It talks about Miliaria, a skin disorder, though you do not mention a rash.. Do you get a rash along with the redness?
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  • Do u get a rash or hives?....do a quick test...Take a hot mug or something(not enough to burn you though) and place it on your forearm for 5-10 mins then take it off. Now watch to see if you get a reaction (redness, hives or swelling and itchiness). The reaction may or may not take several minutes to develop after you take the heat off. If the test if positive, you most likely have heat urticaria. Your body may be intolerant to heat which causes a reaction. The itchiness is due to the reaction.Let me know how it goes, good luck-N
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  • Hi,Unfortunately i cannot help you, but i just wanted to tell you that my dad and i suffer from the same problem. It didn't start until about a year ago, when we returned from Spain to England (we'd spent about a year living in Almeria, south of Spain). When it gets too hot, whether in a room or outside, we become very, very itchy. There is no rash or redness. It just feels like a pins and needles everywhere on the body, and when you itch it it does not help.For me the itch usually disappears after ten minutes or so, but my dad suffers from it considerably worse and it has completely affected his life. There are many things he can't do such as drive long distances, do too much manual labour, etc (i'm sure it'd affect sporting activities as well, but he doesnt do much really :P) We both have a dark skin complexion, he's pakistani and i'm mixed, so you wouldn't actually expect any problems with sun exposure...As with you, there is no diagnosis and the doctors simply recommended a change in diet and trying out different fabrics and stuff, but it's not helped at all.Anyway, if you could please post a message here (or email me on electromikey@hotmail.com) to let me know if this sounds like your problem, and if you have found any remedies to this problem we would be grateful if you could let us know. If not then the best of luck finding it!Michael
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  • My daughter has had hives for 5 months and no one can tell me why.I have done everything from medication to mattresscovers to stop this from occurring.I am not told why and I can't get anyone to test her for gluten sensitive. SO, I have taken mattersin my own hands and changed her diet. THe results will be seen shortly since we have just began the change
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