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i cannot find information on this combination of symptoms anywhere!

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  • Posted By: KrystasMommy
  • August 10, 2010
  • 08:19 AM

i'm trying to find out what these symptoms could all add up to. my husband is not fond of going to the doctor unless it's a really big problem (i.e. i ask him to go and he refuses until it's an emergency), and i've spent hours trying to find info or even possible conditions online or in our medical reference texts at home that match his symptoms but i've been having no luck. if you've ever experienced these symptoms or are a doctor and have any ideas, please write back!

my husband has a painful mass in the left side of his lower back, but it's out to the side, below his ribs. he also has a deep pain to the left of his spine in his middle back, but more internal, like below the muscles, and i feel no knot as if it was a pulled or strained muscle. that pain is of a deeper quality, and very sharp and more constant. he has been having an increase in bowel movements, constipation, painful bowel movements when he's not constipated, a strong odor to his urine, a severe headache on both sides and in the front of his head, and is unable to void his bladder when sitting down. the pain radiates from his spine down around his ribs to his lower back. it gets worse with twisting, lifting, breathing, and strain. the mass is painful to the touch but does not cause discomfort unless there is pressure applied to it or that area is directly affected. laying on his stomach makes the pain better, as well as when he rests. the pain is a sharp stabbing type of pain that comes and goes. his headache is on both sides and on the front and is a sharp stabbing pain. the pain with his bowel movements is stabbing and pressure in his lower abdomen and burning and sharp in his rectum. this pain has been there for a week and a half. he has no fever.

We have tried massage, topical creams (like tiger balm), ice, heat, NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, rest. He has a history of back and shoulder muscle problems, but this doesn't feel like a muscle knot, both when i feel it, and in that he says that the pain is a completely different kind of pain than a strained, pulled or knotted muscle - it is a deep pain, and more intense. he just told me about this because he realized that his other symptoms might have something to do with this mass and pain.

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  • Please consider http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renal_failure
    Curly Stooge 319 Replies
    • August 12, 2010
    • 11:42 PM
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  • I would consider either liver or renal problems - whichever, given the symptoms you've reported, I do hope he's gone to a doctor by now. This sounds serious!
    ayleeann 6 Replies
    • August 13, 2010
    • 10:18 PM
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  • I too hope he's seen a physician by now. You may also want to consider the possibility that this is a cyst (there are quite a few different types with different causes) or possibly an abcess.
    gregtfish 67 Replies
    • August 13, 2010
    • 10:47 PM
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