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I can't take the pain anymore

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  • Posted By: suzieqz
  • March 24, 2008
  • 02:15 PM

hi, i'm new here and i'm desparate for help.

I've had severe, migraine type headaches for 8 months now. They began while i was pregnant with my son. I was put through a battery of tests (CT scan, MRI's, bloodwork, normal vitals to r/o preeclampsia, etc.) and the only thing that appeared was an enlarged pituitary gland. That was chalked up to the pregnancy & the increase of hormones. They let it go until after i had the baby, thinking that should stop the headaches. Obviously, it didn't. another MRI after i had my son showed the pituitary enlargement had shrunk to normal. my neurologist put me on Topamax which was horrible and never took my headaches away (made them worse, actually). I can't take Imitrex (sends me into a severe bronchospasm), Relpax doesn't touch it, neither does the narcotic pain meds i've been prescribed (Tylenol w/ codiene, Vicodin) regular OTC meds don't work either. now along with the headaches, i've acquired a whole host of symptoms:

-unexplained severe weight gain (10lbs in a week-on a 1500 cal diet)
-sudden sweating spells, even in very cold environments
-inability to think coherently (during the headache)
-"heaviness" in my left eye & eyelid
-visual field variances (in my left eye, it seems like there is something blocking my vision, but i can still see-kind of like i'm looking through a fog)
-insomnia (due to the pain)

the headaches ALWAYS start on the left, then usually progress to my whole head. I was also diagnosed several years ago with Polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is what my doc thinks this might be related to due to the havoc is causes with your hormones. I've have bloodwork done & everything's come back normal (TSH, T4, etc.)

anyone have any ideas? I'm really at the end of my rope here. I can't take the pain anymore.

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  • bump only because it got buried on the second page almost immediately after i posted. please help:(
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  • Hi, this really is sounding like a thryoid problem to me...very common with pregnancy. You can really get a lot of symptoms with a thryoid problem. Get to the doctor and get you blood checked for FT4, FT3 and TSH and the antibodies for the autoimmune disease of the thryoid hashimotos (very common). Meanwhile check out Mary Shomon's forum and site on thyroid...great group over there and very knowledgable. You may want to have the pituitary checked out agaoin...this again make me suspect thryoid troubles.....that can also cause thryoid problems. Might be good to see a specialist called and endocrinilogist...especially since you had the pituitary thing once.With thryoid meds you can be feeling a LOT better. One other thought is ovarian hormones may have gone a bit off...may want to get blood tested for them as well while you are at it. Symptoms for hormonal and thryoid problems tend to be very similar. Joan
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  • bump only because it got buried on the second page almost immediately after i posted. please help:( HOW?:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-K4CXvxNcw&feature=related
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