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I can't get any answers...HELP!!

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  • Posted By: jomomma430
  • April 12, 2008
  • 05:17 PM

I am really scared. I have posted about this earlier this week but after a 3 day stay in a hospital answered most but not all of my questions. I am a fairly active 32/w/f 5ft 3in 110 lbs. and a smoker. There is a family history of cancer; my father died of lung cancer at age 53; paternal grandmother died of kidney cancer; paternal grandfather a prostate and lung cancer surviver, maternal grandmother died of colon cancer; my mom's twin brother died of lung cancer at age 40. I AM IN THE PROCESS OF QUITTING SMOKING!

A recent CBC with Manual Diff shows the following.....

CBC - RBC - Low /// MCH - High /// % Neutrophiles - High /// % Lymphs - Low /// Absolute Neutro - High /// ABS Basos - None 0.0
MDIFF - Bands - High at 12 (normal range 0-3)** was 7 on 11/8/04 while I was in ER for vertigo at 7 months pregnant** /// Lymphs - Low

Is this anything to be concerned about?? Why are the "Bands" always so high??? Not a single ER doc or my docs had mentioned this to me. I feel they are overlooking my CBC w/ Manual Diff. They do I did have a swollen lymph node biopsyed with normal results over 10 years ago and diagnosed with EBV around that same time. I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatiod Arthitis because my RA factor was slightly elevated. I suffer from severe drenching night sweats that both my Internal Med Dr and Rheumatologist can't explain. WTF???

Should I get a third or fourth opinion??? What does all this mean??? HELP!!

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  • During my hospital stay I had 5 different Lymes tests done. So it's now safe to rule out Lymes. Although I have my own opinions on Fibro, they said I don't have that either.
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  • Yes, I'd go for another opinion until you get a solid answer from someone who knows what they are doing/are willing to seek out the correct answer.Generally speaking, the WBC (white blood cell) count has 2 components: the total white blood count (leukocyte count); and the differential count.Generally, there are 5 types of white blood cells listed in the differential count. Listed in order of most numerous to least numerous, they are:neutrophils (also sometimes called PMNs or polymorphonuclear leukocytes)lymphocytesmonocyteseosinophilsand basophilsAn increased total white (leukocyte) count can be from many things, including infection, inflammation, tissue necrosis (death), or leukemia. Trauma and stress can also increase WBC count.Generally speaking, acute bacterial infections and trauma stimulate neutrophil production, resulting in an increased WBC count. When neutrophil production is significantly stimulated, early immature forms of neutrophils often enter the circulation. These are called band cells. This occurance is sometimes referred to as a left shift in WBC production, and is often indicative of an ongoing acute bacterial infection.The above is from Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory tests, 2nd edition.It definitely sounds like you should go get another opinion.Best Wishes!
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  • The night sweats may be some hormonal changes...are you on the BCP? Even if you are or are not, hormonal changes and fluctuations can definitely account for night sweats. In my late thirties I was so surprised by night sweats and had no idea as to why I was having them....never occured to me it could be the beginnings of perimenopause....just the beginning....Yes, it can start happening in mid to late thirties...ovarian hormones are often tricky to measure as they change a lot (as you know) and even if you are in the beginnings it may not show up on the blood work as my case was just that. I often got night sweats around the times of my period (and later at random times) as the hormones fluctuate.... and I don't know, but if you are quitting smoking I have heard of women having hormones go whacky and thryoid problems suddenly become apparent or become worse for those already diagnosed.....always good to get the thryoid tested (simple blood work FT4, FT3, TSH and antibodies)...not sure as to thryiod and night sweats, but you might search the net and see on this one...unfortunatly, the thryoid can account for many vague symptoms...it is alwyas worth a check as it is so easy to check! ......just a thought ....Joan
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  • Yes I am on BCP. I will look further into that being the cause of my night sweats but I have changed pills within the past 6 months and have had night sweats for over a year now. Possibility of peri-menopause. As for my thyroid; I had my thyroid checked twice to r/o Grave's Disease which my mother has. Thanks you gave me something to look into.
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  • Since you have a family history of thryoid disease, definitely get that thoroughly tested again....I had Graves Disease, and thryoid can be a tricky thing and sometimes doctors do not pay enough attention to it and people suffer for years with all kinds of vague symptoms that can be helped with just a little thyroid supplement or in the case of Graves soemthing else...;) Perimenopause...yes, even when you are on BCP, apparently the fluctuation of ovarian horomones, which involve that darned pituitary, may cause uncomfortable symptoms like the sweats....things will change and you may find that you might do better on a different BCP....it does take a while for the body to adjust or react to hormonal changes...6 months seem a bit far out, but perhpas by three you were feeling something but not enough to make you complain....for more infornation on peri, go to www.power-surge.com ...non-commercial site for all we perimenopause and menopausal women. Joan
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  • A recent CBC with Manual Diff shows the following..... CBC - RBC - Low /// MCH - High /// % Neutrophiles - High /// % Lymphs - Low /// Absolute Neutro - High /// ABS Basos - None 0.0MDIFF - Bands - High at 12 (normal range 0-3)** was 7 on 11/8/04 while I was in ER for vertigo at 7 months pregnant** /// Lymphs - LowShould I get a third or fourth opinion??? What does all this mean??? HELP!!If your Neutrophiles are high, your Lymphocytes will be low. That's how the body compensates. It's usually indicative of an infection. Was your WBC slightly on the high side?Did you know there is a doctor who successfully treats RA with tetracycline? He believes RA is caused by a bacteria. I don't know his name, but you can do some research about RA and tetracycline.
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  • Whats can cause these drenching night sweats???
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  • I am not sure what else, but I have woken up many a night absolutely wet and very surprised by it....had to change my PJs.....it was perimenopause....BCP may not insulate you from perimenopausal symptoms....other than that, sorry to say I don't know....wish I could help further:o Joan
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