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I've Given up on My Physician

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  • Posted By: melissarose8585
  • May 29, 2008
  • 08:35 PM

I'm a relatively healthy 23 y.o. female, who has never even had to stay in the hospital overnight. No broken bones other than my toes and a finger, and one or two fractures. Just wisdom teeth removal as far as surgery goes. I'm not overweight, my only medications are Mobic, Albuterol, and Prednisone at frequent intervals.

But for years now, I've had problems and my doctor hasn't been able to help me. At around 8 or 9, my doctor noticed some issues with my lymph nodes, but after a few rounds of steroids, I was fine. Some minor swelling every once in a while, but nothing big. Then, when I was 19, it all seemed to start going downhill. I had strep throat, which triggered problems that led my doctors to diagnose me with guttate psoriasis. It took about a year and a half to get that under control, but the doctor has since found nothing that explains my symptoms, and he has started to just tell me "it's your immune system."

My lymph nodes swell constantly, and can be very painful. I have headaches, fatigue, bruising, anemia, joint problems, numbness in parts of my lower arms and fingers, bouts of constipation then diahhrea, irregular and painful periods, pain in my legs, frequent colds, temperature sensitivity (I'm constantly cold, even if it's hot), and increasing amounts of perspiration. I've also developed an anxiety disorder, which we're not sure if it is due to whatever is going on or to other factors.

My doctor has stopped helping me, and another has taken the case. A CT Scan showed that my lymph nodes are swelling abnormally and for no reason, and my white blood cell count is through the roof while I have few red blood cells. It isn't leukemia, which was his first guess. I have to wait until the next real flare, as the symptoms seem to get worse when I get a cold, which happens about four times a year and can keep me down for months at a time. But many of them (symptoms) are constant, and they have been affecting my work and school.

Does anyone have any ideas? He's looking into Hemachromotosis and Hypothyroidism, and we're waiting to get some test done. Until then, I've been classified as having an unknown autoimmune disorder. Help would really be appreciated, as I'm tired of not knowing what's wrong with me.

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  • The bouts of constipation and diaherrhea.. sound like irritable bowel syndrome. This can coexist with many autoimmune conditions. (There are things which can help that). I'd like to hear how you get on with the further tests your doctor is doing. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and used to get the symptoms you said.. however i also had the presentation of classical CFS.. which you havent really got (going just by what you said and didnt say.. i think it's more likely you have something else). I hope you find the answer.
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  • Celiac disease?
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  • Where do you live? Do you have seasonal allergies?DOM
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  • guttate psoriasis does have an auto-immune component. So it would make sense that there might be other auto-immune issues going on. Your symptoms do sound like an auto-immune issue - have you been cleared for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus? It could also be a thyroid issue -- why is your doctor just now checking your thyroid? And I hate to admit it - especially since there is one poster who thinks EVERYTHING is related to lyme disease - but at this point it needs to be ruled out as well.Personally, at this point you need more than just a PCP - get a referral to a specialist - a rheumatologist or endocrinologist would be your best bed. Good luck.
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  • Could you have ingested something moldy? It's possible that all these years they have been taming but not killing a fungal infection. For more info check out www.doctorfungus.org.
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