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I've been constipated for years

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 10, 2007
  • 01:26 PM

I've been constipated for years, I don't know how many, as long as I can remember. I pass small hard stools about once a week or longer. I doesn't hurt though, sometimes I get uncomfortable, but Im used to it. My husband is concerned, and I guess I should be too? I am a 31 year old mother of two.

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  • Constipation is caused by lack of water in the body, when our bodies need moisture the first place it takes it from is the bowel.Drink lots of water daily, eat fruit every day like an orange or apple.Some prescription medications can cause constipation. Also try a fiber drink like Benefiber.
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  • Fruits and vegetables with fibres provide regular bowel movements or you could try fibre supplements.
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  • You most likely have an atonic colon. If you do, then fiber will make it worse, and water does nothing but make you pee more.See if you can't see a good GI specialist and have them run a barium burger test on you to see what your true transit time is, and go from there. For me I had a 145 hour transit time, that's roughly 6 days. The thing that helped the most was Turkey rhubarb and some stuff called LBS (lower bowel stimulator from Nature's Sunshine.Increase fresh veggie juices, leeks, garlic. A good probiotic may help as well as might some digestive enzymes. But if it's really atonic none of these may help.All my troubles started when I got pregnant, and continued to get worse.Hope you find the answers and get better soon, and don't wait too long.L
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  • Hi, I am the same age as you and have always had the same problem. My husband also became concerned about it. In the last year or so I have become more regular here is how...Every morning I drink a glass of orange juice with two heaping teaspoons of Whole Psyllium Husks powder. I get the OJ w/out pulp and I mentally pretend that the Psyllium is the pulp. The other store brands that people mentioned on the thread do not work for me. The Psyllium is not whole in those brands so is probably not as effective.Then I eat about 10 dried prunes a dayI also drink a lot of water- eat a high fiber cereal for breakfast and eat a lot of leafy greens.Every once in a while I also take the clear mineral oil laxative- about two tablespoons. Its best not to over do it on the mineral oil as it can prevent nutrient absorbtion in the intestines.Hope this helps!
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  • For me I have an atonic stomach and colon and unfortunatly psyllium only plugged me up more and oj and prunes would make my candida symptoms worse.If you find that none of these remedies work I would seriously think about getting a transit time test done to be sure of what you have. If your not pooping but only 1 time a month like I was, you are definitley very toxic and need some intervention.Again Turkey Rhubarb helped a great deal. Senna, Cascara Sagrada, Vit C and magnesium citrate did nothing for me but in large doses made me incontenient of stool.Do you research and hope you get going soon!L
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