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I'm sure my doctor is wrong - please please help

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  • Posted By: mrwool
  • July 15, 2009
  • 04:25 PM

Ok, I lately went to Thailand for two weeks and had sex with a Thai stranger, the condom ce off but was replaced as soon as noticed.

Problem is with some info my doctors told me after I went for a blood test for STD's

they said I was positive for hepetitis a, showing a recent infection due to being positive for igm and igg.

I told him I had a vaccine two weeks before travel so would be this, he told me I was wrong and just kept repeating what the report said. I don't believe him, this was three months ago. Over the last month I've been really itchy, loose stools and had one pale stool about a month ago.

I'm really worried I had either hep b and/or HIV as I also got pneumonia whilst there (11 days after sex).

Is he right? He seems to think that only the igg would of shown due to vaccine not the igm, and that I did have hep a.

If he's right i would be happy putting my symptoms of late down to a relapse. If he's wrong what else could it be but another hepatitis. I'm so scared I have HIV and his complete lack of care has meant it's been missed when it could of been looked for with other tests (p24?)

I get my 3 months test results in two days, I'm convinced he's wrong but can't find any realiable info.

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  • And that kids, is why we don't have sex with strangers.
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  • Dear Mrwool,I believe that your doctor has done his/her best in diagnosing you as that is the job of a doctor. What I think is that it is as he/she said because doctors are people who should be knowing what they're doing otherwise they're in the wrong field.If you truly believe he/she is wrong, see a secular doctor and ask for their opinion. I do not specialize in STIs (I use Sexually Transmitted Infections rather than STDs). Not much can be said about it. Simply go in for a second opinion. If it turns out your current doctor was correct, then I believe that arguing with him/her is really pointless considering that most who ask a question have little to no medical knowledge. Although I cannot see for myself, a second opinion from another doctor won't hurt, after all there are times where a doctor can be wrong BUT the chances of that are a very very slim .01%. Do not be alarmed and always ask what your options are.I hope this helps.-Tie
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  • Well regardless of what you're primary care doctor is telling you, if the symptoms you are describing have occurred post-contact within the recent months described, then HIV is not responsible unless primary infection has been present for a number of years. Within the first few weeks and months of primary infection, changes occur in the T-cell fractionation that ultimately leads to a compromised immune system, the consequences of which expose the affected individual to opportunistic pathogens that are normally suppressed. Health issues relative to these circumstances would represent acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. It's important to realize that this transition of the immune system generally takes a great deal of time to manifest into full blown AIDS, on average 7-10 years. While some instances vary, it would be highly remarkable, moreover improbable, for it take place in a matter of weeks or months. Additionally, there is a good deal of cross-reaction with IgG and IgM assays and more testing needs to be performed rather than relying upon the initial findings. My suggestion is for you to arrange to be evaluated by an Infectious Disease specialist. I would not speculate about what you may or may not have been exposed to until more in-depth testing and evaluation has been performed. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • Well I'm pleased to report that I went for my 3 month results today, and there all clear. I'm happy that 3 months is enough time, the stress relieve has been immense.He also explained the hep a results a bit more, seems they had detected hep a antigens as well, which to my knowledge means I would of had hep a right? So much for vaccines! Seems like it didn't take as I only had one jab.I was in such a state this morning, I was convinced I had HIV, my heart goes out to those souls that do have HIV, I don't know how I'd cope with it.I've learnt a lot of lessions over the last few months, not about using condoms per say as I did use one, but not to put myself at that sort of risk ever again, it's just not worth it.Thanks for all the replies.
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