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I'm not sure what this means

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  • Posted By: xmissxdanax
  • April 9, 2008
  • 11:23 PM

I'm seeing an internist to try and figure out what is going on with me, and he did a whole boatload of lab tests and sent me the results. I have some indicators of diabetes and a lot of symptoms (and family history) of hypothyroidism. The only thing that concerns me is that my thyroid functions are as follows:

Free t3 4.77 ph/ml
Free t4 1.30 ng/ml
TSH 1.540 ulU/ml

The results said "high" for my t3, but my doctor crossed it out and wrote "okay."

Other things highlighted in my results include:

Trace amounts of protein in my urine
Moderate contaminants/organisms after 48hrs of watching my urine

Lyme 0.80

HGB 15.2 (HIGH)
hs-CRP 23.9 (HIGH)
A/G RATIO 1.09 (LOW)
CHOLESTEROL 190 (High side of normal)

I was recently treated for bacterial vaginitis and a sinus infection, but I wasn't diagnosed until a week or so after the tests were done. I don't know if that accounts for any of the results because none of the paperwork explains what it means...

I'm hoping he will talk to me about what all this means, but just in case, I would really appreciate if anyone who understands the above information could explain. If you need more results, I have 3 pages of them...

Thanks guys

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  • Are you suffering with many symptoms? In any case if you have many symptoms and since you have a family history of thryoid, I might explore that a bit further and do some research yourself....it you have many symptoms you may have Hashimotos or Graves Disease (the beginnings of it) though all the symptoms may not present yet (and may never!), but did you have the blood work for the two thryoid autoimmune diseases: Hashimotos, and Graves? I had Graves for years without knowing it, but the symptoms would wax and wane and I was able to sort of live through the episodes until I was 41 when it hit full force....Graves Disease....I got treatment and am fine now. If you are worried and have symptoms I might explore further testing for the thryoid...endocrinologist can help and check out Mary Shomon's site on thryoid ....forum and information...great group of ladies and she herself a thryoid patient for years....good luck! Joan
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  • I had thyroid symptoms for years and a family history as well.My hormone levels were always normal. It wasn't until they checked my thyroid ANTIBODIES that the autoimmune thyroiditis was finally picked up. Then they did an ultrasound of my gland and found it to be full of tiny nodules.So, I have personally concluded that thyroid hormones aren't the end-all-be-all of thyroid tests.
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