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I'm miserable, any ideas

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 31, 2010
  • 04:59 AM

I've had these symptoms for years. I'm not crazy, I'm not just "anxious", and I'm tired of living with this.., plus it's getting worse. I've seen several doctors; none of them seem to know how to help me. I know this is long but I'm desperate, please read.

General health: Female, 40, 180 lbs., type II diabetes that is treated with diet only. Blood sugars still running elevated but A1C continues to be under 7 so no meds. I take my blood sugars when I have the symptoms below and they do not seem to be related. Eat better than most people I know, still can't lose weight. Thyroid a little sluggish (TSH 204), Vitamin D a little too low. Dr. put me on D supplements, no symptom change after stopping/starting any medications. Also prescribed Ativan for sleep/night stress.., take 1-2 x's a week before bed.
HDL only 27, overall 202. Triglycerides 290. (Yes, I know this is bad, working with Dr. on this right now.., but also think it's tied to whatever they are not finding.)

1) Flushing and sweating.., sweating is light, like I'm "clammy". Sweat is on face, upper lip, and between breasts. (Like I was eating spicy foods.) Often arms are very cold when this happens. May be described as "cold sweat" but my chest feels hot. Much worse when it wakes me up in the middle of the night, but sometimes occurs in the day too. Accelerated heart rate (80-100, normally 66-76), that goes down as I breath slowly. Sometimes takes me up to 30 minutes to get it to go down. Blood pressure goes up too. Usually 100-120/50-70, up as high as 180/96. Blood pressure goes down pretty quickly (5-10 minutes). Happens 3-4 nights a week. HORRIBLE.

Heart burn often accompanies this.., I don't think these are cardiac symptoms as I've been having these "attacks" for a few years and I think I'd be dead if they were. Also, sometimes I'm fine a few hours later.., able to exercise.., so I don't think it's my heart. Heart was cleared before surgery last year as well.

Often notice that I have the urge to have a bowel movement when it happens. I used to get up & sit on toilet & would sometimes have cramps and then watery BM.., I'd get lightheaded, see spots, and want to pass out on the toilet. I noticed that if I fight the urge it goes away and the next morning I don't have diarrhea.., so now I don't get up I just ignore the urge and it seems to go away.

2) "Hangovers".., I don't drink.., Yet I wake up with dry mouth, slight nausea, weak and tired, heavy eyes.. feels like I am coming down with the flu.., feel dehydrated & weak. Happens 1x or 2x a week. Bad enough that I have to call in sick to work for a few hours. Seem to recover like it's a hangover too.. a few hours of sipping water and some simple nutrition and I'm usually OK.

3) Lightheaded, dizzy., pulse is rapid and shallow. In the day time. Happens 1-2 x a month.

**Have not actually passed out from any of these symptoms yet.

4) GERD/Heartburn. Take Nexium, 40 mg every day.... Still have to take antacids a few times a month.

5) Daily Belching: Upper GI gas with no or very little odor. I sip water and belch again and again and I get some relief from the "GERD" or "Something stuck in my throat" feeling.
Gas: About 1-2xs a month horrible belching and gas that goes together and has "sulfur" odor.

6) Heart palpitations/irregular beats. 1-2 times a month. Freak me out. These used to be worse than they are now.

7) Cold feet.

8) Skin rashes and very sensitive skin that tends to welt. (Like if I scratch my neck I may have welts for an hour or more.)

9) Rash around groin area.., wants to stay moist and cause slight odor. Presents as simple "heat rash" that anyone might get in the summer.., easy to treat & goes away.., but then comes back over and over.

10) General to severe anxiety, comes and goes for seemingly no reason.

11) Headaches.., mild.., 2-3 of 10 on a pain scale.., but frequent (3-5x's a week).

12) Pain.., tender muscles in calves, lower back, muscles in back of neck/upper back, chest pain (seems muscular, not internal.., can be relieved with external pressure/rubbing).

13) Blurred vision. Very mild.., comes and goes.., may just be age.

14) Irregular periods.., most of my adult life. Anywhere from 30 to 90 days between cycles.

I know that these may not be all related, but I put them all in anyway in case they are.

Had MRI.., it was negative. 24 hr urine showed very elevated cortisol, but not enough for Cushing’s. Estrogen and progesterone seem OK.., not great.., but not low enough for OBGYN or endocrinologist to think it's the cause. Any ideas? Is Dr. House out there with some sort of plan for relief? I don't know how many years my body can take this. Scared.

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