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I'm in China, please help !

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  • Posted By: Malatour
  • August 17, 2010
  • 03:08 AM

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this place and I'm very desperate to find an answer to the problem I have. The overall story is that I traveled to Thailand for 8 day's, got some mosquito bites ( a lot of them ) came back to China (been living here for a year) after and started to have a swelling face 4 day's after I came back.

Here's everything in details :

August 4th :
On an island in Thailand I got my first mosquito bites on my arms (maybe 30).

August 5th :
Got some more but now they are on the back of my head (even in my hair) and also on my belly (approx. 15 on the belly and 20 on the back of my head). I put some tiger balm on the bites to make the itchiness go away and it works.

August 6th and 7th :
Just normal holiday in Bangkok, nothing weird. Ate a Thai chili

August 7th :
Came back to China and went to eat dinner with friends in a restaurant that I'm not use to eating different kind of meat and mushroom but no seafood. Had also a lot of drink.

August 8th :
Slept at my place, Normal food, no seafood, no spicy, no sweet, no alcohol.

August 9th :
Back to work, had normal food during the day and for dinner ate a lot of spicy food and also a piece a fish that looked not very well cooked. Also had 6 beers. They have 2 dogs in the house and I slept there

August 10th :
Swelling face start, I go to the hospital where they give me a show of I have no idea what, some Chinese medicine that I can't name and some Cetirizine Dihydrochlorde for against allergy. Then face got back to normal. Normal food, no seafood, no spicy, no sweet, no alcohol. Took Chinese medicine.

August 11th :
Every mosquito bite are still the same size and still very itchy. Normal food, no seafood, no spicy, no sweet, no alcohol. Slept at the 2 dogs place and had no problems.Took Chinese medicine.

August 12th :
Slept in a hotel, normal food. 1 beer.Took Chinese medicine.

August 13th :
Slept at the 2 dogs place. Normal food, no seafood, no spicy, no sweet, no alcohol.Took Chinese medicine.

August 14th :
Face got back to be a little bigger. Went to play tennis, had normal food (spaghetti and sauce came from Del Monte can). Slept at the dogs place. Had 1 small glass of beer, Normal food, no seafood, no spicy, no sweet.Took Chinese medicine.

August 15th :
Face got bigger. Had bbq pork, with smoked salmon and salad with bread/cheese. Slept at my place.Took Chinese medicine. Itchiness gone. Mosquito bites almost all gone.

August 16th :
Face got HUGE, itchiness and mosquito bites almost gone. Went to hospital, they told me I'm allergic to something, said that amount of alcohol taken have nothing to do with anything, gave me a shot, gave me more Cetirizine Dihydrochloride. Stopped all Chinese medicine.

August 17th :
Face still big (smaller than yesterday). Itchiness a little bit back, mosquito bite almost gone.

These are scaring me off. I mean there is a little improvement but I never ever experienced that in my life. I'm allergic only to cats and dogs. Never had a swollen face. I don't trust the doctors here. I really need your help.

Thanks to read and thanks in advance for help.


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  • UpdateAugust 18th :Went to sleep yesterday, my face was getting better, I took a Zyrtec pill (Cetirizine Dihydrochlride) around 9pm and went to sleep around 11pm, I woke up at 4 am in the morning and my face was already getting back to be swollen. Went back to sleep and woke up at 8am. Face is bigger. Is it possible that I'm actually allergic to Zyrtec ? I also feel dizzy a little bit. I also see that my face is only getting bigger during night time when I sleep. Can't tell the position I'm sleeping since I move a lot during sleeping.
    Malatour 1 Replies
    • August 18, 2010
    • 01:34 AM
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