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I'm getting so SICK of myself!!!! (need help) please..

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 9, 2007
  • 03:28 PM

I've been getting this kind of panic attack or phobia or disorder (I really don't know) and it always happens to me when I go through a new experience.Also, everytime this occurs I can't eat, can't sleep, shiver and tremble, my heartbeat increases and I become very anxious!

First, it happened when I graduated from school and had to go to college and it was so terrible and I got over it but it took me loong!

Second time it happened when I traveled alone with my brother for the first time in my life to a country i love but it only lasted for 4 days.

Now it's happening again for the third time and thats because I have applied for a summer job in a bank but I just can't take it!

I'm starting to HATE myself for this and I'm getting reallly sick of myself. I'm helpless and I feel spoiled and silly yet I just can't fix this problem. I just don't want to go through this everytime I start something new. It's just tiring!!!!

Please please please PLEASE help me if you can!!! I'll be so thankful!! I'll do anything just help me get rid of this problem... please!

And Thanks from the bottom of my heart..


P.s: I'm a 20 year old girl and I have no physical problems.. (just a bit underweight)..

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  • Try some Bach Flowers "Rescue Remedy" (health food store) for the panic itself and then another remedy (you would need to determine what your personality type is) to take throughout the month to strenghten yourself. Also, some nice hypnosis tapes out there for it. Yoga would help with the breathing they focus on.
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  • http://www.healthynewage.com/Bach_Flower_Remedies.htm Here is the self hate flower remedy: Self-Hatred - Crab Apple You can combine several. You just put a few drops in water and sip throughout the day.
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  • Thanks for replying and I appreciate the advice, but maybe you misunderstood me..I don't hate myself as in JUST hate myself and want to die!! It's just that I want to have a better life life and to over some my problem which is not coping with many new situations...but really,, Thanks for the advice.. ^_^
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  • Sometimes panic attacks will gradually progress into agoraphobia. See a shrink if this gets worse.
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  • Does your college have any mental health counseling?
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  • Do you drink a lot of caffeine Coke, Pepsi, coffee, tea, Mountain Dew and some other sodas & soft drinks)? Eat a lot of chocolate? In sensitive people this can make your problem worse...
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  • You suffer from an anxiety disorder. You need to ask your GP to prescribe ativan (lorazapam) or clonazapam. The latter will take a bit longer to work but stays in your bloodstream longer continuing to calm you. Ativan however is good for an instant result. (Taken sublingually) Neither should be taken long term as there is a propensity for addiction/dependence but their usefulness cannot be overstated in the short term. MKK
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