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I'm Cold.

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  • Posted By: anothernobody
  • June 24, 2007
  • 07:18 AM

Please, I am in need of advice.

I am a 23 year old female. My family history is positive for Hypothyroidism and Diabetes in my maternal grandparents; Breast cancer in my mother. Alcoholism from my praternal grandfather, and Anorexia and Despression in both my sisters.

My problem is that I am cold. I am cold all the the time. I first noticed that I was always cold in highschool, and it was attributed to depression. This diagnosis came from my psychiatrist at the time, but I feel that this diagnosis was biased based on the problems that my sisters were having. Several years have pasted since then, both my sisters are doing much better now, I've graduated college, and I'm still cold. I am, infact, even more cold now than I was before.

I didn't see a Doctor at all while I was in college - but once I got a job and some insurance I went and saw someone. She checked my iron and it was normal. She checked my thyroid and it was normal. She checked my glucose and it was normal. She asked me about my eating and exercising habits, and I confessed that I had lost 20 lbs within the last 3 months and was frustrated that I'd sort of bottomed out at 160. She told me that she thought the cold sensitivity was just the result of my increased activity level and not to worry about it.

But I do worry about it. I'm really, really cold. It's June, in Alabama, and I'm still cold. My air conditioning isn't on yet and I still use my feather comforter at night. There are restrants that I can't even go to because they keep the temperature too low and it HURTS to sit in there. My temperature is usually around 97.2 and I just don't want to be cold anymore.

What do I need to do? What kind of doctor do I need to see?

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  • Your body temperature is not especially low. It depends how you measure it (i.e. mouth, ear etc.) and when you measure it, but yours is within the normal accepted range. If you feel cold, oddly it is doesn't mean that your body temperature is low. In fact if you have a fever, you can feel cold despite an elevated temperature. It might be that you are just susceptible to the cold. I am afraid I don't know the answer, but if you have lost weight this might be a factor.
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  • In Chinese medicine this type of cold - cold to the bone and needing to constantly cover yourself up - is usually a sign of "yang deficiency". Do you have frequent urination and do you wake up at night to urinate? How is your energy level? Do you have palpitations or anxious moments? How is your sleep? Do you have diarrhea or loose stools? What are your menstrual cycles like? I would get a more thorough thyroid panel test done, and make sure you get a copy of the results. I understand that they can be read wrong and misinterpreted. If you could find an acupuncturist it may be very helpful - don't know about in Alabama, but you could check on www.acufinder.com to see if there is one near you. I think it would help. Best wishesDOM
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  • Definately have your thyroid retested. Ask them to run a free T3 and free T4. These will give a more accurate read of what is going on. Many of the illnesses in your family that your have listed, respond well to a gluten free diet. You may want to consider that at some point down the road. It's not hard to do and it can be tested for a 2 week period with noticable results. I cannot imagine being cold anywhere in the south at this time of the year. :p Best wishes for improved health soon. L
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  • It's been over a year since you asked for advice...have you found out anything? I'm 57 and I've been cold my entire life (and I also have a lower body temp than normal.) I've had my thyroid check many times but nothing is wrong with me..so says the doctors and tests. I would walk into my kitchen and think Oh it's a bit warm...and it would be 86 degrees...that's the temp when my body would say it was warm. 81-82 was comfortable for me but no one else I knew! Any temp under 80 was uncomfortable for me.So 6 months ago I started taking kelp tablets (for the iodine) to help stimulate my thyroid. And because of menopause, I started to use a progesterone cream to help balance my hormone levels. Please remember that I have always been cold even when I menstruated. I also started to take iron twice a week even though my iron levels were normal. I'm also taking b complex under the tongue for better absorption. Flax seed oil capsules and vitamin E capsules were also added to my regimen. Please note that I have always taken several vitamins on a regular basis. Kelp tabletsb complexironflax seed oilvitamin e Now I can tolerate a room six degrees lower than before. 80 degrees then is equal to 74 degrees now. I live in NY so you can bet that I am freezing the entire winter and most of the fall and spring. The 6 degrees have really made a difference though.If you have had a breakthrough and have found a way to warm things up...please email me. Asunta100@aol.com message: I'm cold WD so that I'll open it. okSusan
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    • November 29, 2008
    • 06:22 AM
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  • I've been having the same problem for quite some time. I'm otherwise healthy and have always had lower tolerance to cold but lately, it has become more severe.I did see a doctor and she told me to start taking vitamin B complex supplements. I'm getting those tomorrow.
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    • January 5, 2009
    • 01:01 PM
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