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I'm 32 and a mystery

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  • Posted By: julz1976
  • July 10, 2009
  • 05:33 AM

At the age of 24, I started having a series of health issues. Unexplained weakness and exhaustion, hair loss, high blood pressure. I've been battling cervical dysplasia since the age of 16 - my family passed it off as that and never brought me back to the doctor.

At 28, I was diagnosed with discoid lupus, fibromyalgia and IBS and something is wrong with my bladder (yes, they've done the cystoscope and nothing is showing up), blood cells in the urine, Reynauds, etc. My white blood cell count has ranged anywhere from 13 - 50 at all times (the lowest being 13). My SED rate goes from being un-noticed to being in the 30 to 40s with no know reason.

This January, I had what they thought was a stroke. The doctors at two hospitals ruled out Belle's Palsy. My reflexes in my lower right foot went "blank" and I had weakness and loss of use of my entire right side including my face (mouth and tongue included) which remained weak (heavy) for about two weeks later. Since January, I've had two more "episodes" not as bad but almost as bad. Ive not had a positive ANA, no vitamin deficiencies, checked for MS (negative)....but I've had these spells for 3 years now which have actually restricted me from working. This was the worse I have had, but I have these "episodes" where it takes everything in me to be able to physically get out of the bed. Yes....went through the whole depression gig. Can't blame this on that. I'm tired of being told its pyschosematic.

Now, since all the tests and feeling like a human pin cushion, they've found I've got an enlarged thyroid which is functioning just fine. But, I've had my toes and fingers turning dark brown/ black sporadically. I've also found brown streaks on my face, arms and legs. The Lupus rash that is usually pretty well contained has been in full force since January and has been forming blisters and strange things that are actually scarring. My heat tolerance has diminished beyond reason considering who I am. My vision has went haywire....watching TV sends me into a state of Vertigo any time I watch something moving (conveyer belts, cars moving, etc...). I dont' quite know how to deal with that. The glasses arent helping at all.

What do I do? The bloodwork isn't showing anything but I've got several symptoms and I'm tired of this stuff running my life. Before, I was a successful business woman on her way up the ladder. All I want is my life back. I understand that with Auto-immune disorders, there isnt' much that can be done until something really pops right in front the doctor's face, but Please help.

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  • Sounds like your life needs a major overhaul. Unfortunately (or fortunately), ALL of your symptoms could simply be nutritionally related. You need to get a Vitamin D level checked as well as a Vitamin B 12 level. Calcium and magnesium levels would be good too.I'll bet you a $1 that your vitamin D Level is extremely low. Also, get a Ferritin Level. Hair loss has been linked to low Ferritin levels, EVEN IF you do NOT have anemia you can still have low Ferritin and need iron.You need to get off ANY processed foods and research Gluten Sensitivity. Stop eating Gluten and all Dairy foods Immediately and START eating nothing but WHOLE unprocessed organic foods and get your life back.Kerri Knox, RNFunctional Medicine Practitioner
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