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  • Posted By: Beth Nagle de Szego
  • June 24, 2007
  • 11:31 PM

Hi, I'm a 42 yr old female. Med. hist. 12 abdominal surgeries for apendect., 2 c-section (hip to hip in S. America) hysterectomy & removal of ovary.Last operation was the placement of a complete piece of netting due to abdominal inventrentration (?) which I was pulling out blue plastic stiches for about a year! I have a new problem which no one seems to be able to diagnosis.
Low platelets (50K), "discreet" polycythaemia (hematocrit 18), enlarged liver and spleen. following exams done: HLA B-5 Pos. 90%, HLA B-27 and HLA D-7 Neg. All viruses (hep a,b,c,d,&e as well as HIV) neg. as well as all anti ro, dna, ANA, etc. Have been waiting for 2 months (Spanish social security) for a thorax and abdomin. CAT scan and they want to do a bone marrow. Tumor markers that came positive were CEA (not given result) and CA 19-9 (result 0-3 normal, I have 6...is this high???). Physical symptoms...always tired, and bone pain (kind of like when you have a fever and even your hair hurts...) but not constant. Supposedly enlarged liver and spleen, with abdominal pain (pretty much constant).I recently had a retinal detachment with hemorage, which because of the platelets, I ended up losing vision in the eye. Lots of peticchae on my ankles, top of feet and lower legs. I also have psoriasis (scalp, back, and belly button as well as finger and toe nails). I would appreciate any opinions and ideas for helping me find out what is going on. I am a housewife with 2 boys ( 14 & 16). Thanks
PS, I have not suffered any weight loss, and also take Euthyrox for hypo thyroidism and had goiter in the past.
Beth Nagle de Szego
Seville, Spain

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  • Dear Beth, WOW! That's alot for one person to go through. I empathize with you as I have been put through a lot myself. low plateletsenlarged liver or spleenabnorma Hematocrit coountnegative for viruses(heps HIV ect)abdominal painhypothyroidismalways tiredbone painhair hurts like when you have a fever(hypersensitivity)peticchaepsoriasis these are all symptoms of CFS/ME. Has it been considered by a doctor?I would recommend holding off on bone marrow(aspiration?) until your platelet count increases.Find a doctor/naturopath who specializes in NAET or BioSet therapyIt is the newest way to treat illness and it works.Check into info on vitamins, supplements, minerals and herbs but as always, only under the care of a physician.Best of Luck to you and your family. May you find comfort in knowing there are others who share your troubles. You are not alone.mommy cat
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  • Dear Mommy Cat,Hi, I appreciate your input. One of the reasons that they want to do the bone marrow biopsy is because 2 tumor markers (CEA & CA 19-9) came back positive. I am also having problems with the liver enzymes (AST, ALT, & GGT) all are over 250, but the biliruben etc. is normal. I have the chest and abdominal CAT scan scheduled for next week (they finally called me), we'll see.I also tested neg. for the Epstein Barr virus.If you have any other ideas, please drop me a line.Sincerely, Beth Nagle de Szego
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  • positive cancer markers because chronic fatigue syndrome has an oncogenic onset...meaning "causes cancer" tooThe liver enzymes in many if not most CFS patients are elevated as wellA common misconception is that CFS is caused from Epstein Barr virusMuch research going on here in states with all of thisI have CFS...I am negative for Lupus, Lyme, HH6, EBV, mono, HIVDoctors can't figure it out either, but some are tryingCFS is the broad diagnosis. Any diagnosis listed under that, is actually in fact, just a symptom.Seek a doctor who does Bioset if it is yet available in SpainDo doctors consider CFS a "real" disease in Spain?
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