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I am desperate, please help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 26, 2009
  • 07:42 AM

About 2 years ago everything started going wrong, and I have multiple system problems. First, I was diagnosed with Hep C, stage 1, genotype 1A, at the same time, they told me I had hypothyroidism. Then, I gained 70 lbs. in less than 6 months! (I actually have done this twice before in my lifetime, and they didn't know what was wrong then, either, but I lost it as fast as I gained it). I am holding on to the weight, though. Then, I had to have my gallbladder out, have rapid heart rate (on occasion), was told I have "stiff" heart, esophogeal stricture and then they had to go in and stretch my esophogus, as it closed too far. Then, I got stomach parenthesis that I take meds for. Then, they told me I have high blood pressure, and now I am pre-diabetic. I am getting skin tags all over my body, and have an onset of adult acne all over. I ITCH CONSTANTLY, and it's driving me nuts!! I also have RLS SO BAD that they have tripled my meds (requip) to where they can't up the dosage anymore, and I have it 24 hours a day. Now, I have depression, and no medication is helping, I have CHRONIC fatigue, and brain fog. I get bloated all the time, and my stomach sticks out. My fingernails are so brittle and lumpy that you can barely scratch the tops and my nails will scale off. I am losing hair everywhere on my body, I have no eyebrows anymore, and I have extremely bad vericose veins. I also have a hiatel hernia and GERD so bad that I take double the amount of meds. My eyesight is getting blurry, and I basically feel like I'm going to die!!

Okay, so I have been to 5 endocrinologists, 2 cardiologist, 3 gastroenterologists, my family doctor and am seeing a shrink. All the doctors do is take my blood sugar, check my thyroid, check my cortisol levels, and my liver enzymes, and THAT'S IT!! They tell me that they know there is a problem, but don't know what it is.

I don't know who to go to anymore, what kind of doctor to see, or what to do. I no longer work, and my self esteem is so bad that I am getting agoraphobic. I am only 4'11" tall, and weigh almost 180 lbs!! I truly feel like I am going to die, and I don't know what to do. Please help.

Oh yes, and I have thrush under my breasts all the time, and when I put on the medicated powder the doctor gave me, it never goes away. I am aging fast, my arms are getting discolored spots on them, and all of this has just happened within a 2 year span.

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