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  • Posted By: IndyShine
  • January 2, 2008
  • 00:33 PM

I had a hysterectomy several years ago due to fibroids. I had an abdominal hyst.
My ovaries were left in tact. After the hyst. I have never felt worse. My whole
life has changed. I have abdominal pains, cannot sleep on either of my sides,
sleep with a heating pad on my stomache, feel pain in my abdomen, feel as if
I have a flu most of the time, feel stabbing pains, have no energy, do not feel
like doing anything physical, have no desire to have sex, gag when I brush
my teeth, and just plain hurt in my abdominal area.

Now, before this happened, I was an active person; outside of a nerve disease
I was inflicted with also, but the abdominal pains were not there with this, I
could sleep on either side of my body, I did not gag when I brushed my teeth,
and my husband and I had a great sex life. I have a long story to explain, but
I do know outside of my nerve disease (which I question why the doctor did a
hyst. on me knowing I had this nerve disease/syndrome) there is something
physically wrong after this hyst. in my abdominal area. I also had an open]
wound infection in my left ankle area previously this year. I was put on IV
antibiotics for about 4 weeks daily with a PICC unit. I, for that brief time
being on those antibiotics, felt night and day better in my abdomen area.
I am wondering if I have an infection in my abdomen - maybe leakage or
something - I do not know. Why would I feel so much better when on these
two antibiotics. After I went off of them, I went back to feeling the same -
even worse than before. I need answers and help. Can anyone? Oh, and
another thing - I have lower back pains after the hyst. which I never had
before. If I bend over for very long, I hurt tremendously. All this after the
hyst., but never had this before. I welcome any ideas and help.

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  • My hysterectomy went well, but if I were in as much pain as you are describing I would continue to look for help.How long ago was your surgery? Are you seeing the same doctor that did the surgery, if so I would deffintatly seek a second opinion.I am sorry that I have no better advise for you. I hope you find relief soon, I know how awful and debilitating chronic pain is.
    roseasharn 15 Replies
    • January 2, 2008
    • 04:05 PM
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  • Go to another doc and request an abdominal xray. There have been many cases where instruments and sponges have been left in the patients.
    rad-skw 1605 Replies
    • January 3, 2008
    • 00:36 PM
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  • Go to another doc and request an abdominal xray. There have been many cases where instruments and sponges have been left in the patients. With thanks for replying! Could I ask this? You sound soknowledgeable. Have you worked in the medical field; i.e.,hospital, private practice doctor office, etc.? I have questioned this. Why would I feel so much better beingput on these two antibiotics for this brief period of time? Nowwhat is better? An x-ray, MRI, or should I demand a Laproscopy?I want the best to show whatever in my abdominal area dueto my symptoms. I just do not know well enough which willshow the best as far as: something left in there after the surgery,adhesions, infections, obstructions. But whatever it is - it startedafter the hysterectomy. Speaking of sponges and instruments...I understand it is requiredto do a "count", but have you heard of even with a count, "things"are still left in there, and a person can "live" with this, but cometo find out later that is why they felt so horrible and had aninfection develop? Any stories to share? Thank you and bless you!!! One who is so desperate for help and answers.
    IndyShine 7 Replies
    • January 4, 2008
    • 09:52 AM
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  • Ask your doc to order a KUB xray. (named for kidney,ureter and bladder), but it covers the area from the pubic bone to the lung diaphragm. Any metal or sponges (which are radiopaque) will show up on the xray. You might have some surgical clips but the radiologist could tell if they are in a normal position. This is a very simple xray but will not show infections or adhesions. It will show gas patterns, constipation or blockage issues, foreign bodies etc. Needle counts and sponge counts usually are correct, but if the count is wrong, they will order a portable xray machine to come up to the surgery suite and take a KUB BEFORE they close the patient. But some things still slip by, such as instruments. There is a famous case where they left a VERY large retractor in a person's abdomen. Also found... Tweezers Forceps Clamps Retractors, Distractors, Dilators Suction tips and tubes Irrigation and injection needles, tips and tubes Scopes and probes Carriers and appliers for optical, electronic and mechanical devices Ultrasound tissue disruptors, cryotomes and cutting laser guides Measurement devices, such as rulers and calipers If this is the case, a malpractice suit must be brought BEFORE the statute of limitations runs out, so don't delay on this xray. Look up "surgical instruments left in patients". If the xray is clear, then you can start pursuing infections and adhesions. Blood work should rule out infections. A laparoscopic exam would rule out adhesions. A CT of the abdomen might be the next step. If your doc is unsympathetic get a new one.
    rad-skw 1605 Replies
    • January 4, 2008
    • 11:13 AM
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