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Hypothyroidism - Inconsistent tests but I have all the symptoms!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 15, 2010
  • 09:29 PM

I'm 20 years old, and for the last 10 years I have always felt that there was something wrong with me. In high school I slept 8-9 hours a night, had after school naps, and still fell asleep constantly in school (to the point that I couldnt even force myself awake, as if I hadnt slept in days). I have also always had gastrointestinal problems. I was diagnosed last year with GERD and I take Prevacid for it, but I still have alot of problems with my bowels and I have been through a battery of bowel-related tests and nothing has come up. One of the tests (A CT scan of my abdomen) revealed a benign cist in my liver, but I assume that was just from taking the birth control pill for 8 years. Last year I was in a car accident and suffered an Acute Subdural Hematoma, which leaked out on its own and healed up nicely after about 3 months. I had to be on seizure medication for the duration of that time but came off it as soon as I was "medically cleared" of the brain injury, so to speak. (Just wanted to give a brief medical history to help with the answering of my question). I am 5 feet 2 inches tall, and weigh about 110lbs. Caucasian, female. No known allergies, no asthma, no other chronic conditions. I drink alot less than most people my age due to my sensative stomach. I have low blood pressure.

My problems have gotten worse and worse over the years and now they are just driving me insane. I am constantly tired, forgetful all the time, always sick to my stomach or have diarrhea, my extremeties get ice cold and numb for no reason, for years I have had a strange throat-clearing cough where I need to press on my throat to make it clear right, my skin is dry and always itchy, I have always had extremely painful and irregular periods, (so I have always had to be on birth control since I was about 12ish and started my period), and I have not peed the same since a bladder infection I had last summer (peeing alot more, in smaller amnts etc) but it was treated right away and my doctor says my kidney function is fine. I get strange pains all over my body for no apparent reason, and I have never been able to physically keep up with my peers (I always got out of breath and/or tired long before everyone else).

I began to do some resarch a few months ago, and I thought perhaps I had a vitamin B12 deficiency. I went to the doctor and she ordered the test, as well as a test for my TSH, electrolytes, sugar levels, Urea, Creatinine, and Serum Folate. When I went to see my family doctor, she told me that everything (even my B12 levels) came up perfectly normal, but my TSH was elevated so there appeared to be a problem with an underactive thyroid. She ordered a 2nd test, this time for just TSH and T4, and when I went back to see her today, she was very puzzled and told me the results came back normal. She said even she was surprised because she was so sure it was hypothyroidism, but the best she can do is test me again in another few months.

My question is, what could be wrong with me? If it's not B12 deficiency, and it's not thyroid, (and I know it's not depression, so don't even suggest that one please) what could be wrong? I'm young and it just feels unfair that I've always had to be sick and nobody could ever tell me why. And I was in the exact same state health-wise and mentally both times I did the blood test, I didnt have any acute illnesses to mess it up or anything, so why are the test results inconsistant? I was so happy when I thought I finally had my answer, and now I am just so disappointed that I have to keep searching and feeling crappy even longer. Help me please!!

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