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Hypothryroidism or misdiagnosed?

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  • Posted By: LISALISA57
  • July 3, 2008
  • 03:50 AM

Hi Everyone!

I need help. Something is wrong with me, I'm just not myself. Here goes:

I had an m/c 6 weeks before having my daughter who is now 7. I got pregnant with my second in 2006. I lost weight the whole pregnancy, ate adequately, didn't over do anything.

Right after she was born, i started gaining weight. Not out of nowhere, I did eat and no excersice.

After she was born, I never had cramps during my period ever again. I always did ever since I was 14. But after 8 months and still no cramps, I noticed a very light period until my second day where I would bleed/clot heavily especially after excercise or lots of running around. The next day, it would be gone. It seems as though it would try to get out all at once and then clot.

So I went to my ob who found my thyroid levels were 11 when it was supposed to be 5 so I went to an endocrinologist who said I had pregnancy induced hypothyroidism. No synthroid but I did go back to find my levels were at 7 instead of 11. She said to stay off the synthroid until my symptoms come back.

I hadn't had any of the bleeding episodes until about a month ago when I did LOTS of running around.

I have been diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder and have them only in certain situations. I am not housebound and have found helpful tools to keep me going.

Well my question is with the hypothryoid. They say your hair gets dry and thinning. I have the opposite, oily hair. so is my skin, not dry, I am more on the oily side. they said cold intolerance, meanwhile I am always HOT not cold. Also, body temp. I have never gone below 98. Sometimes i am at 99. The only thing i do have is the occasional heavy bleeding.

I am sometimes down or irritable. Tired but not severly (i do have small children, LOL)

Just wondering if there is something else besides hypo. that I am being confused with.

Here are my symptoms:

Clotting and absence of cramps since my second was born (19 months)
more anxiety
bad nausea a few days after period
"just don't feel right"
very FOGGY
forgetful, brainfog

nothing is very severe, except for the clotting.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!!


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  • Your doctor is right. You do have hypothyroidism and it is very comon to start during/after pregnancy. I also think he is right telling you to stay off meds. The best thing is for the thyroid to correct itself and if you start taking meds, then the thyroid gets lazy and stops doing its job. I know this is probably not easy since you have symtpoms. I would keep getting retested and if your TSH keeps getting better then that would be a sign of healing. It should stop somewhere below around 3 or lower and without you having any symptoms. Although for some (few tho)people 5 or lower is ok too. If you don't start seeing any results and you still feel bad after a 6 month period, then you should ask your doctor to medicate you, since all your symptoms except maybe the anxiety is from hypothyroidism. Hope you feel better real soon! Kiera
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  • I am afraid I disagree with the previous poster...a thryoid does not "get lazy"...that is not the way the pituitary and the thryoid feedback loop works at all! Once you stop meds, a HEALTHY thryoid will start generating again, through the feedback loop, the right amount of thryoid hormone that you need....this can take a while as it takes some time for the signal to get the whole show going and for the thryoid to get to your cells and for your cells to use it.... If your thryoid is not completely operating in the most healthy mode, it may not go to the "normal range" and you will need thryoid hormone as a supplement to what your own body is producing....there is no shame in getting the help your body needs when you are not feeling well....your thryoid will NOT get lazy...that is NOT how it works. If you need thryoid hormone supplement,you need it.... You listed 5 and 7 and 11...are these the values for your TSH? In general a TSH should rest between 0.3 and 2.5 (or 3.0) . This is considered the normal range for TSH accouding the the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist....you can look this up. But TSH value is not enough ...you have to take this with FT4 and FT3. You may also want to be tested for the autoimmune disease of the thryoid Hashimotos and Graves Disease...again treatable, and the fluctuation symptoms of hot not cold and so forth could be an autoimmune disease...with Graves Disease that I had, I had fast pulse, tired, digestive problems, hot and very foggy head, short tempered and irritable......I was treated for Graves.... It is possible you have some fluctuation in your thryoid right now but you had your child in 2006-7 and I doubt that in July 2008 you are STILL experiencing the effect of post pregnancy hormonal adjustments! That is strange to me! In any case, if you are feeling so poorly, I definitely think it is worth another opinion, and I would probably seek the opinion of a different endocrinologist....thryoid hormone effects every CELL in your body...I have been there and with having to take care of kids, it is no picinic to be feeling so poorly. You can try searching on Mary Shomon's thryoid site...they have a great forum as well and you can probably get good addition information there. Joan
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  • Thyroid problems are strongly associated with celiac disease, and I mention it because you include nausea on your list of problems. Try here: http://thyroid.about.com/cs/latestresearch/a/celiac.htm http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/celiacdisease.html
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