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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 2, 2008
  • 01:39 PM

hi all,

i'm sufffering from hypokalemia,what is the best cure?please reply

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  • gLAD THERE'S A MODERATOR HERE TO RESTORE THE INTEGRITY OF MY MESSAGE. ACCIDENTALLY HIT A "SEND" EQUIVALENT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY MESSAGE. THIS TIME i'LL NOT ENTER THE IMAGE VERIFICATION UNTIL I'M DONE!(After Dr. Snively reference:)Dr Max Gerson (see gersontherapy.org website) in his book, "A Cancer Cure, the Results of Fifty Cases" prescribes a three-kinds-of-potassium mixture, in equal parts:Potassium GluconatePotassium ... (monobasic), andPotassium AcedateThese are available in Los Angeles from the Spectrum Chemical retailer, or premixed from the Key company in the midwest. I think it's St. Louis. They have an 800 number and sell directly to the public. Stay away from the lady in Mexico who sells the stuff and then tries to bill you over and over even after you've paid.Dr. Gerson writes that the fetus is a sodium animal that converts to a potassium animal at birth, remains so throughout life until at death, the cadaver again becomes a sodiuim animal.The implication is that anything that will maintain high potassium levels in the body helps to push death off farther into the future.Gatorade, billed as a potassium source, actually has 2 and one half times more sodium than it does potassium! I think the sodium is there to make you thirsty so that you will buy more Gatorade.Most foods have potassiuim in them. And 8 oz sized cup of cows milk about 375 milligrams, goat's milk 500 milligrams, carrot juice 600 milligrams (same small yogurt cup size). Bananas too. That's why people eat a banana when their heart hurts, to get those K (potassium) levels up.There are at least six bloodstream constituents that MUST be maintained at some minimum level, or the heart (or the brain) will get into serious trouble. Calcium is one, potassium another, and of course blood sugar, etc.Grind up eggshells in a coffee mill for free calcium carbonate. Might have to take vitamin D (or shushine) and magnesium to utilize it. Leave the membrane IN the eggshell as it's drying out, as this is similar to the chemicals used in the joints in the body, and is a rich souce of the newly discovered hyuronic acid that you may have heard about. Sometimes calcium deficiency manifests a rectal itch.We sprinkle the 3-potassium mixture on food instead of salt. Charlotte Gerson (Dr. Gerson's daughter) tells in her recent book that cancer patients who accidentally got the potassium formula wrong and ended up taking in far greater doses than recommended, seemed to suffer no ill effects. Generally speaking, if you can pee, any excessive potassium will simply pass out of the body. It is water soluble, and therefore assigned to the kidneys (not the liver) for removal."K", the chemical symbol for potassium, has been used for centuries, and should not to be confused with the oil-soluble "vitamin K" found in coffee and other sources.
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  • How do you know you have HypoKalemia? Its rare, Hereditary and there are many other things that have similar symptoms. I woke up paralyzed one morning, after a few years my doctors finally gave me the diagnosis of HypoKalemic Periodic Paralysis! Only a Doctor should diagnose you and if they have then they have your specific answers...For instance it took quite a few years to get the amount of Potassium supplements at the right dose that would kill an average person. That's why its important to work with your doctor because self medicating for this disease is as dangerous as not having enough potassium...
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