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  • Posted By: Dynaverse
  • March 24, 2010
  • 06:50 AM

Hey everyone, this will be long! Thank you in advance for reading.

I'm 25 Male, lean, just like any other normal person my age, I go out, eat fairly healthy, I don't drink, I don't do drugs (never have).

Here is my story and nightmare that has been haunting me for the last few months.

It all started in my back yard on a nice warm day, I was playing with a snail wasting time and watering my garden. I noticed a little gash on my right finger from earlier that day, but it wasn't bleeding or anything. Next thing I know my right arm felt really odd, almost as if I was poisoned. I know because many years ago I grabbed a blue bottle and the sensation was similar. Almost paralyzing but it didn't move past my elbow. I could move my hand but i noticed it was really twitchy while my left hand was really still and normal. I thought maybe the snail was poisonous or something but it was your average common garden snail. I called the 24 hour nurse and they told me to just put a Ice pack on my hand so I did... I felt anxious at this point and I felt some odd things happening to my body.. I can't really explain it, I had problems breathing and just generally physically distressed even though mentally I was fairly calm.

I decided to lay down and sleep it off. That night I woke up with my left side of the face being numb, it was really odd! I got up and I felt as if I was distant from the world, something was really wrong. I called a family member to measure my blood pressure just to see whats happening and it was about 160/100. Freaked out at the readings I decided to go to hospital as my normal readings are 110/60 from memory.

I ended up there and the nurse measured it at about 140/88 and 135/85. I didn't really know much about the readings, and at this time I felt really odd, I was trying to not pass out and play with my fingers in order to distract me. I had problems breathing and the nurse offered a oxygen mask. Unfortunately It was one of those days were the place was overcrowded and there was literally no doctor in sight for hours... So i went home.

The next day I experienced diarrhea and started feeling generally unwell. I had problems breathing, i remember I was getting breakfast ready and i never felt like I could get a full breath of air in. I ended up going to see the local doctor who just prescribed Lomotil for my diarrhea and Gastrolyte for my electrolyte balance.

Every time I took gastrolyte my heart would beat faster and I would feel more unwell.. almost heavy in my head and body, so i stopped taking it! I took the Lomotil and my bowel movements stopped.

In the next few days I tried to resume my life as normal but ended up feeling extremely heavy in my body while I was in the city. The dr there measured my BP at 150/90. I was really confused as to what is going on? Why I felt like this! we went to hospital too and bp was about 140/85- 156/85 with a resting blood pressure of about 128/88 - 130/90! heart rate of about 125-130. Sometimes it would be presentable then at night time it would raise to as high as 170/100, then drop back to normal. It was very odd! My stools were really strange too, mainly floating, so i thought its a gastrointestinal problem. I went to see a gastrologist but he couldn't care less and basically took my money without doing any tests at all.

I finally ended up getting a referral to a cardiologist and I did a Doppler ultrasound and a Echo cardiogram. Sadly they didn't show anything of any significance. The stress test all 6 min of it brought my heart rate up to 195 and was fairly uneventful. Blood pressure about 157/75 and rest was 130/90. The blood test revealed a slightly electrolyte dis balance, but nothing severe.

The condition persisted and it outright put me off doing anything, not only that but at this time i started developing a mild anxiety disorder to, because of all the things that had happened.

Eventually I had a ultrasound of my abdomen and renal ultrasound done but they picked up nothing aside from a moderately fatty liver.

I was referred to a kidney specialist who performed a Rennin and Aldosterone test and finally he discovered that my aldosterone was out of whack.

100-400 Mine showed 552

He also put me on half a tablet of micardis (temisartan) which I was to take every morning.

For a long time I didn't want to take it, but i just felt unwell, in my chest i felt a almost rotting sensation of tiny pins and needles when I breathe. The best I could describe it as a time is a rusty pipe. My heart rate would always run at around 110- 120 beats per min. But still i tried to go out and do things. It was bad, but it wasnt so bad.

Later the Kidney dr rang me back and told me to get off the micardis and see how I'm going.

Everything was fine but on the 3d day I felt extremely weird in my chest and my heart rate went up to 150-160 on rest! I felt like I was going to die! My bp rose to 160/110. Eventually it settled and they measured my BP as 140/90 sitting nd 145/95 standing. I was really pale and I felt so sick! my anxiety was about to kick in too, as i could feel a explosion of fear or adrenaline in my chest.

Again the dr's didnt give to craps and I was discharged from the hospital. Later I hopped back on the medication as the symptoms were just really severe. I felt hot in certain parts of my body like my head and cold in my hands and feet, I felt really lethargic in my legs and pins and *****s in my fingers.

I redid the rennin and aldosterone test and this time the rennin and aldosterone were both high.

Aldosterone was something like 800+ and Rennin was 45 out of 20 or something.

They wanted me to do a CT scan and i kept asking for a MRA but they wouldn't give it to me. I did the CT scan and


They couldn't tell if there was a stenosis or not.


Now days I've been eating really healthy, low in sodium diets. I noticed that on Hot days the micardis would choke my heart and id feel really dizzy and sometimes not even be able to move. My Bp would rise to some scary numbers and I have to be treated with a GTN.

Somedays it would be fine, like for a week or two id have little issues, go about my daily life and my bp would be low. On rest sometimes as low as 102/60 - 115/65. HR of about 70-85. (moving about 110)

I went in for a second stress test and ultrasound and the stress test was good, the medication did its job, it was one of those days where it was working and it wasn't hot outside. And the ultrasound of my heart showed no problems. The cardiologist wants me to come back every 6 months but aside from that... nothing.

I developed some bright red GI bleeding for a period of 2 weeks but it went away completely and the local doctor saw a hemorrhoid. It wasn't further investigated.

Yesturday I ate a bit more salt then I had to, and my bp rose 128/108 without me really noticing, i just felt odd in my head, almost light headed and strange. ... it freaked me out!

I don't want to have a stroke or die. The Dr wants me to go off my micardis for 1 day so he can do the tests again but I'm scared to stop my medication even for that amount of time.

The alternative was atenolol but i feel like if i take beta blockers then I will never find a cure and not only that... have problems getting off the medication. I'm scared to go on something that controls my heart to such a degree.

Should I give up looking for answers?

As a musician and actor this has killed my career 10 fold. I used to live a phenominal life, and now I'm stuck at home playing computer games trying not to think about any of this while I'm going out occasionally with my gf.

Not sure if any of this makes sense, or if anyone can give me some light on the situation or at least how to deal with it. For me its allot... I've never been sick before in my life. The only thing ive had is minor flu and fevers things of that nature.... my bp has always been excellent and now I feel like a old man at 25, having to stand up slowly, go for short walks etc... it really sucks!

I'm seeing a new cardiologist who believes that we caught something in its early stages and its now showing up yet. But the glimmer of hope for a cure is fading away! and the grim reality of a lifelong illness is becoming a reality.

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