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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 21, 2010
  • 03:58 AM

I have had 4 sleep studies for hypersomnia. I have not gone into REM sleep in any of them. Any advice???

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  • I have had 4 sleep studies for hypersomnia. I have not gone into REM sleep in any of them. Any advice??? Yes. Watch the medications you are one. Your pharmacist will tell you if any of them reduce REM sleep. If you smoke, one variety of cig will absolutely reduce REM. If they put you on an antidepressent, or antianxiety, that's probably it. Take 2 weeks off before another test. ASK THEM and then tell me! I still have'nt understood my last REM absent test from last year. The diagnosis is much the same, but they seem convinced it's narcolepsy. Because otherwise, they would just be treating you for hypersomnolence with the same meds. In which case, MY CASE IS JUST LIKE YOURS.Primary Hypersomnolence is the unbrella under which Narcoleptic, Idiopathic, and other Hypersomnias are listed. Criteria for Narcolepsy type is this: sleep latency on MSLT tests must be I too, have had no REM in any of the three PSG and MSLT tests taken. Abnormal. Also abnormally short sleep latency & PSG REM latency with short-latency sleep on the MSLT's, but REM sleep in both PSG and MSLT were absent all three times. So, I have all narcoleptic symptoms, cataplexy, genetic markers, family history, sleep paralysis, with emergent diagnosis in early adoescent. Yet, without REM, my diagnosis remains idiopathic hypersomnia (sister w/o marker or cataplexy qualifies for narcolepsy medication. So I'm in the dark (well in bed, and it's dark...) and for those who want to know why doctors are doing why they are may find help here... They must meet the CriteriaDiagnosis must meet ICSD criteria in order to get you the preauthorization for things like Provigil. Download this file ; we should have known this earlier... http://web.archive.org/web/20070927034423/http://www.absm.org/PDF/ICSD.pdfI did not have REM in 3 MSLT tests. The 3 PSG tests prior showed little or absent... which could indicate you are taking something or have something unusual that would cause that. Antidepressents do that, some antihistimines do, all pain pills, benzodiazapams, etc.. Ask Without them, diagnosis usually goes into "Idiopathic". Personally, I think we will find a reason for being REM Supressed. But if you have any reason your REM supressed, find it and get it out of your system! You'll feel better right away.ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE LIKE THIS? PS Pain will also reduce REM sleep (it's called alpha intrusion) and someday they will have the explanation for this. Good Luck, and let me know!SLEEPWISE PERSONS, PLEASE RESPOND ABOUT REM SUPPRESSION IN SLEEP STUDIES.you can reach me with questions on my experience at: kitten4857@yahoo.comKAT
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