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Hyperparathyroidism or thyroid dysfunction?

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  • Posted By: KatieRose
  • December 19, 2009
  • 08:51 PM

I am a 44 year old female. I have had problems for over three years. I've had recurrent kidney stones on both sides, GERD, IBS, heart arhythmias, high blood pressure, chest pain (especially sub-sternal; feels like a rock in my chest just below the sternum) and times where I feel short of breath, even without activity, especially when laying down at night, my hair falls out, missing and irregular periods and ovarian cysts, headaches, pain in my neck and arms, swelling of my ankles and feet, depression, fatigue, change in personanality, difficulty concentrating sometimes, nausea, alternate between loose stools and constipation, sometime have lighter colored stools, a recurrent area of rash and itchiness on the underside of my left arm and the top of my left foot, and the area on my back below my neck. I have SVT (episodes of extremely fast heart rate - over 225 at times) and PVC's that I can feel. I have hirsutism - I have excessive hair growth on my chin and neck, my arms and my feet. I have what is classically called a dowager's hump at the top of my back under my neck. I am overweight and gain all my weight in my abdomen, my upper abdomen especially. I look about 8 months pregnant from the side. I have pitting edema of my calves when I wear socks or cross my legs for long periods. I experience tingling in my arms and fingers at times. I am on Cardizem, Nexium, and Xanax and Lunesta at night because I can't sleep on my own and I am fatigued during the day, but sleep study shows no significant apnea (although I barely slept at all while I was there). I also am borderline diabetic but don't take medications for it. I've gained about 30 pounds in the last year, but my upper abdomen seems disproportionately distended to my weight.

I had a lithotripsy last year to remove the kidney stones on the left, but there were several fragments left that I couldn't pass (the original stone was about the size of a tootsie roll) and the original pain in my side and radiating to my back is coming back and now I suspect I've got one on the right, too. I've gone to several specialistis for individual symptoms. I had an endoscopy 2 weeks ago and the GERD looks better, but my symptoms are MUCH worse. Some days I feel like I'm having a heart attack, but ER visit says it's not my heart. I had a nuclear stress test 2 years ago and they said there was no sign of blockage or enlargement of my heart. My GE doctor called me yesterday and said one of my pancreatic enzymes is elevated and she wants to do an ultrasound for possible pancreatitis or maybe even cancer.

My doctors have checked my thyroid hormones and say they are normal levels. I don't know if they've checked my parathyroid hormone or calcium levels, but I suspect not.

All in all, I really believe I have the symptoms of thyroid disease, specifically hyperparathyroidism. What should I INSIST on when I go to the doctor? How can I get a definitive diagnosis? I want to know the root cause, not treat individual symptoms. I never feel good and I'm missing out on life with my kids. I just started a new job 4 months ago and I've missed work to go to doctors for tests, etc... I'm afraid I'm gonna get fired if I don't figure this out. Now I'm terrified that I have pancreatic cancer.
If anyone can tell me what I should do, I am all ears! You have my eternal thanks!

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  • You need to demand a FREE T3 & FREE T4, antibodies testing for your throid. ask to have a Vitamin d test and calcium test and PTH for parathyroid. HTH
    mommyjamieof2 4 Replies
    • January 16, 2010
    • 05:55 AM
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  • KatieRose,

    I don't know if you will get this but were you able to find out what was wrong? Everything you listed above sounds just like what I've gone thru. Pancreatitis can also be associated with hyperparathyroid. I was going thru peri-menopause around age 42 and then by age 45 all of my symptoms greatly worsened and by age 46 no more periods. That was in 2013. I'm still looking for answers and not much better. I'm almost 100% sure I have hyperparathyroidism but whether it's primary or secondary, I am not sure. My symptoms always seem to worsen around the time my cycle would normally be but I can't tell if it's during ovulation or when I would get my period. Everything flares up at that time. So it seems to be related to the fluctuation of those hormones too which could also be a pituitary problem. I did lose my job and I have lost the last 2 years of my life because of all of this. I hope you're doing better.

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • February 27, 2016
    • 06:49 AM
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