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HPV questions, please answer

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  • Posted By: kamsae
  • February 21, 2007
  • 05:14 PM

I had an abnormal pap smear, followed by a colposcopy and biopsy. the doctor wont tell me anything until my appointment on friday, but they did say i have HPV. (the non-wart kind- high risk for cancer). im very scared- please answer the following questions:

1. since is spread from skin contact- can my kids get it from bathing
with me?

2. if a man has a wart causing strain- can he only give the woman
the same kind, or can it change to the cancer kind after her infection?

3. can a person have more than one strain of HPV at the same time?

4. Can the new HPV vaccine help (at all)- if you are already infected?

5. Can my kids get it from me through any other things like sharing
bath towels, toilets, washing our clothes together, etc?

6. I was scheduled for surgery to diagnose and treat endometriosis,
but it was cancelled when the pap was abnormal. Could HPV interfere
in any way with the surgery? Cause problems with Endometriosis?

Please answer as much as you can, Im having some pretty bad emotional and anxiety problems, especially since the doctor wont talk to me until i go into his office on friday, hes really vague in answers anyhow. thank you.

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  • Hi there -- I'm a C.P.M. who happened by this site, and I'll tell you what I know.1. Technically, yes, since HPV is passed skin to skin, anyone could catch it through skin to skin contact. But I wouldn't worry about your kids too much for these reasons: a. It's best transmitted to and from mucous membranes -- more delicate areas of skin like genital skin, cervical tissue, the throat membranes and anal membranes. Unless you had that kind of skin contact with your children, it's pretty unlikely they'd catch it just throught the bathwater or while you wash their body with your hand. Viruses don't tend to survive well through chemicals like soap and soapy water. b. This is very important: although HPV is passed by skin to skin contact, not everyone has HPV or has abnormal Pap smears. Why? Because we also heal ourselves from it. Almost everyone, especially sexually active people, have caught HPV and healed themselves from it again and again, even the non-wart-producing cancer-causing types of HPV. Only very occasionally does HPV actually cause an abnormal Pap smear and even more rarely does it cause cancer. We don't see much HPV in children, even if their parents have it (and they almost certainly do - it's very very common). So even if your kids managed to catch it (pretty unlikely), they also have an excellent chance of having healed themselves from it. I wouldn't worry. 2. No, I don't believe they change after infecting someone else.3. Absolutely. It's more rare that a person only has one type at a time. And there are many types, more than 20.4. My understanding is that it won't help. I believe it's only be offered to teens and young adults, as well.5. See answer #1! 6. I'm not sure. This one you'll need to talk about with your doctor. My thoughts are with you in this stressful time. It's very hard to wait for results like this. Congratulations on doing your own research and formulating your own questions. This will only help you in whatever treatment you need and will help your children, too. - Jacqueline - www.rushbrookmidwifery.com
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    • February 21, 2007
    • 07:17 PM
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