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How do I get around my dr's close mindedness when it comes to being diagnosed for hypothyroidism?

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  • Posted By: galenmarek
  • June 10, 2015
  • 03:45 PM

To give a little back story here is what I've been struggling with the last few years. I was diagnosed with celiac's disease in 2012. Before moving I was in perfect health, was able to run a mile in less than 4.30 sec, had a six pack, possessed endless energy, had less than 8% body fat and the list goes on and on. Back in January of 2013 I moved into a new apartment; not sure what was in that environment but after about 6-8 months of living there my health deteriorated rapidly.

My guess is one of three things happened; was exposed to black toxic mold, radiation or some other unknown toxin. But regardless I suffered a auto immune attack and it was terrible.

Symptoms stage 1 was chronic fatigue, memory difficulty and difficulty sleeping. Stage 2 started about 7 months of being in the apartment, in addition to stage one symptoms: headaches, blurry vision, disorientation, lack of appetite, increased chronic fatigue, equilibrium problems, and lack of libido. Stage 3 was: mini strokes, pain in joints and muscles, headaches, migraines- thought my head was going to explode, passing out. After a few weeks of feeling terrible I was admitted to the ER; but here’s the thing after all the test the ER doctors did they said I was fine and to go home. So, I went home and within 24 hours my symptoms had gotten worse. After leaving my apartment for about two weeks I realized my symptoms has lessened in severity so I moved out. Health continued to improve until about three months afterwards, at this point whatever my body was fighting off ceased to do so—my metabolism, digestion, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary functions all seemed to slow or something just wasn’t working. Gained 30 pounds within a month and started to see doctors and specialists, because of my suspicion of mold all individuals in traditional medicine had discounted my ideas and thoughts on the cause of going from perfectly healthy to severely impaired. For the last year I’ve fought with doctors and specials, they have not known what to do or think of me.

Giving up arguing with them I’ve tried to ignore the symptoms for the last year; (in simplicity I’ve felt dead, not in the ground but like a zombie—have stayed away from family and friends even social events because of my weight gain) the symptoms are as follows: cold and feet, extreme sensitivity to cold, hair loss, chronic fatigue, no libido what so ever, extreme pain in muscles and joints, diminished muscle tone and strength, increased weight despite diet and exercise (truly it is depressing to eat so little and continue to gain weight), depression, lack of interest and desire in anything, trouble sleeping, dry skin (especially on my elbows), blurry vision, memory difficulties, high cholesterol, and constipation.

Lately been having severe headaches, blurry vision and tightness in my chest, heart seems to speed up even though I'm not exercising, equilibrium seems off, memory is not working so great. I currently have 30% body fat and this continues to increase. Also, my oxygen in my blood continues to decrease, three months ago it was 96% now its 92%.

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