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How come....?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 13, 2007
  • 02:42 PM

I realize that this is primarily a board for those getting not diagnosed or misdiagnosed.

But how come..........when a health pro may post, they often get ignored ?

Came here trying to help some, with 22 years as a natural health professional. The non responses are interesting and a continuing education for me. Anyway...................

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  • It depends on how that health pro posts...there is a doctor telling me he doesn't "buy into ME" yet my doctor is now testing me for it after ruling everything else out...Ralph, if you look around this site where I have posted...the coicidences will be far to great for you to ignore...everyone saying the same thing in titles to posts...debilitating...deteriorating...weird sx...can't get a diagnosis...been to every ologist there is, sx don't have a pattern.......when I opened these posts looking for someone with similar sx...I found hundreds...look around...you'll get my drift...mommy cat
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  • Hi Ralph,Not sure what you mean. What do you mean by "non-responses?"Shula
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  • Ralph, I am going to an LLMD (who is also an ID doc) to figure this out, mine does feel bacterial. I was really, really sick 2 weeks ago and went to the ER. I had a bad UTI and was prescribed augmenton. The UTI I didn't even know I had, I went there for EXTREME intercranial pressure, dizziness, floaters, stiff neck, heart palps etc. I believe I experienced the Herxheimer Reaction. All my symptoms came back 10 fold and I had a fever, delarious etc. I've been dealing with this disease/syndrome for almost 10 years and each year it get progressively worse. It also seems rather cyclicle. I will feel okay for a couple weeks, and then BAM it feels like I'm on my deathbed. The cycle is getting shorter an shorter. It use to be off and on, now it's constant and getting worse. But I still want to point out that my BF feels similar and often describes symptoms (that I have) that I don't tell him about. It's very scary. We (my BF and I) are totally normal people, we don't overreact and usually only go to the Dr when things are bad. (I've tried the Dr route and got totally disgusted so I gave up for a year). I've been tested for all STD's and had an RPR 2 times already, all non-reactive. My symptoms mimic those of nuero-late syphilis. I do have severe muscle pain, but I can almost deal with that due to the high amount of analgesics I use.It's really the Nuero & cardiac symptoms that I experience are the killers for me. I swore I was ***n near death and the antibiotic saved me. I had a 30% improvement on the 4th day of taking it. It could be coincidental or time, I'm really not sure. The only thing they can ever find in my blood is low NEUT (not sure what that is) and high WBC count in my urine.I'm listening to you Ralph, please keep educating us on Lyme.Thanks, sik
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  • I asked my doc if Fibromyalgia could be a mild form of ME.me, my cousin, sister in law and her sister all attended the same school in the 80's..our mothers all have fibromyalgia.Montel Williams did a show on Tues regarding a sudden outbreak of fibromyalgia patients in LosAngeles.all too coincidental for me.you, as well as hundreds on this site are having ME symptoms...dizziness, intracranial pressure..all of it...I know, I have most symptoms...please take info seriously as pretty soon, there will be news broadcasts and talk shows covering this info daily...I guarantee it...it's coming.PLEASE look again.I'm trying to help and I'm not crazy.mommy cat
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