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  • Posted By: Lucylou
  • May 24, 2009
  • 05:41 PM

Can anyone help me i keep getting really hot when i walk etc and its very embarassing.:(

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  • It's not abnormal to feel hot upon physical exertion. Could you give us more information?
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  • I know it's not abnormal to feel hot upon physical exertion but it can happen within 5 mins of slow walking and sometimes even when i am sitting if its a little hot.I have had my blood tested but nothing showed up.
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  • I appreciate the reply, but we still don't have enough information to really help you. Please describe the 'hotness' more specifically-- do you sweat excessively? turn red? just feel warm (on the inside or to the touch? ever taken your actual body temperature during one of these episodes?What is your height and weight? Are you in otherwise good health? On any medications? What blood work was performed? Really, we need more info. Anything you could provide would help us help you.
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  • When i get hot i do get red faced but i have always got red faced with doing sports not with walking.I can get a bit sweaty but not excessively.When i feel it starting its from insdie my body.My height is 5ft 1 and i weight 13st and i dont take any medications.All i know about the blood is they took some and tested it thats all.I hope this info helps.
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  • Hi. It's me again. I want to give you my honest opinion, but I really do not wish to offend you. Please just take this as constructive criticism, nothing more. I am not judging you at all. You say that you are 5'1" and 13 stones? I live in America where we use pounds so I translated that into approximately 183 pounds, is this correct? If so, you are approximately 50 or so pounds (3.5-4 stones) overweight. With that added weight comes some problems. One of those problems is a lower tolerance to activity. This could cause your "hotness". How old are you? If you are young, some of that added weight could come off as your body matures. If you are a fully grown adult.....well, you probably know all about what I am saying here. I'm very sorry that you are experiencing this. I recommend trying to get your weight under control. This will not only help the hotness, but prevent so many future problems also associated with a higher height to weight ratio. I don't recommend dieting per se, but more of a life-style permanent change to avoid the up and down of most dieters. This would include very healthy eating and exercise (even if it makes you hot). You should definitely see your primary care physician to ensure that any form of diet or exercise change is okay for you to do. Best of luck! I used to be 65lbs overweight myself and am now very strong and an ideal weight-- a little on the low side actually-- and have maintained my current weight for over 7 years, more or less. It can be done but it takes commitment from you. I wish you luck and tenacity!
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  • Spend a lot more time walking. Ease into it and think about any temporary problems you may be having. If you build up to an hour after two weeks of increased walking and you don't feel like your condition has changed, then you might look elsewhere.
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