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Horrible experience regadring stomache/bowel

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2007
  • 09:13 AM

Please help.

My stomache is full of crap and it is affecting my whole body and everytime i see a doctor i get mistreated and dont get the proper advice.

Like 2 years ago i was in a spar bath(hot tub/jaccuzi) when i drank too much and did something real stupid. I sat on the spar bath jet....this is the high pressured water valve that helps clean the water by dilluting it with chemicals and every since my lifes been a mess.

The problem is my lower half is full of gunk and i have been trying to get it out for years...whenever i talk to a doctor hey say the body would of naturally pushed it out...but theres heaps in and i cant get it out.. When i go to bed my tummy rumbles and i cna hear swooshing and feel all the slush inside of my stomache. If i take a herbal laxative that settles my stomache i feel better but it still doesnt help get the stuff out. Ive tried laxatives and all sorts of herbal remeies but no go, i am thinking of resorting to an enema if i have to.

My whole body suffers from it..its like im full of water and gunk so i dont feel write....like my back...feels weird and sometimes my body just feels drenched and full of water and depending what day it is...sometimes my spine at the back of my neck sticks out...it feels like my whole back is saturated in this water chemical...like whats inside my lower half is soaking into my back...or my skin is absorbing it....i can get bits out it out...but there is jsut too much and i cant function with it all in there.

I get treated like a crazy but every since that day nothing has felt right inside my body...i just wanna empty out my stomach and bowel to rid myself of the gunk.Remember i sat on this jet with no pants on....so my rectum is sometimes clogged up with gunk and every few months the inside stings because there the water has the chemical in it and it irritates the hole. Its likeonly lil bits of the gunk get flushed in with the mainstream feisces and the rest remains inside...tormenting me...every doctor i have seen for years has never tyreated me properly and have never listened.i was a stupid 15 year old kid and i have regreatte dit everyday for years....please help me empty this stuff and move on with my life...i have never been made to feel more crazy in my life.


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  • Have you tried a body clense? Like the Master clense with lemon, cyanne pepper, and maple syrup? There are many different varieties of detox clenses out there if that one doesn't match your personality.
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  • You "can get bits out it out" - can you collect them and show a doctor? Is it only water with dissolved chemicals? Faeces can easily be tested to see what is in it.
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  • Good Day, Go to a Health shop and buy a packet of "PSYLLIUM HUSKS" which is a natural bulking agant used for Colon Clensing. Follow the instructions on the packet for a month and you should then be gunk free....Good Luck.
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  • As anyone who has ever had an enema knows, what goes in...will come out, in time. Possibly you injured the rectal tissues when you sat on the jet. You can also injure yourself drastically by jumping into water or even water-skiing. ( I call it instant enema). Since it has been many years since the incident, and you want a definitive solution, go to a proctologist and have him look up there with a scope or schedule a barium enema. That said, you seem a tad bit overly concerned with your bowels. Take the aforementioned psyllium for a clean-out, then re-direct your anal thoughts (in the truest sense) to stop thinking about THAT end and develop the OTHER end (your mind) by keeping busy with schooling and work. Volunteer in your spare time and eat and drink regularly. Get a dog and walk off your anxieties. Every health care professional knows how you can get fixated on your health. When you study a new chapter of medicine, you are guaranteed a certain degree of hypochondria. If you are still obsessing over your bottom, go see a shrink.
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  • Thanx heaps...mentlly im sweet...just want the gunk out...got psyllium tablets...but not the agent..might get me some....so psyllium agent andd a month and i should be sweet....other methods are gettin it out..you can tell cuz it smeells like salty water...pretty grose....dirnking alchole cuses the stuff to ***t out which is weird..so might be near my liver.....anyways...im sure ill be fine...at least my body isnt feeling like a soup sandwhich...i have emptied alot of waste i was carruying...just need to finish the job :D
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