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hookworm(s), hemorids?

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  • Posted By: muffins
  • March 31, 2007
  • 00:32 PM

Hello there,

I'm a 21 year old female and am getting a little worried about the symptoms that I have, and if anyone can help me figure out what I may have.

I don't know if it may be hemroids, herpes, worms I just don't know.
I've been feeling an uncomfortable every-once-in-a-great-while
itchy/tickly feeling around where...um... I do the number 2. No where
near the front. It's as if the tickling/itching is inside where I cant reach it. I did wipe the back with toilet paper to keep the itchy/tickling feeling to quit, and found little light drops of blood on the paper from the skin.

Yes, I did have a sexual relation with only one person
and now I wish I didn't. It was my first time, but I don't know about the other person even though he told me I was his "first". As far as I know, nothing has come up positive. I had a pap smear done last summer, BUT does it test for aids and herpes? I've had it done twice in the past 2 years since the breakup. But here recently it's been itchy, and I didn't feel any bumps. A time or two my stools did have a slight blood streak inside the stool, but that was a couple of months ago. I've also been coughing a lot here lately from allergies, plus I'm allergic to animals such as cats and dogs. The family that I live with has been trying to keep a puppy in the house, so I've been trying to manage.

I've also been under quite a lot of stress here lately where I don't have a job, and have been trying to find one for about a year now, and where I live, there's Too Many people and Not enough businesses in the area, where the location is an Appalachian area, hardly any businesses can thrive in the lower part of Ohio. So my major crisis at the moment is that I can't get a job, to get the money to move, in an area where jobs are a little more abundant.

This is all the information I can think of at the moment, I hope someone can trouble shoot this as close as possible. Even if it is hemroids/herpes or not. Please can someone help me? :(


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  • Hi Muffins. You need blood testing for HIV and many other diseases.
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  • Small bright red drops of blood on toilet paper after a bowel movement usually indicates hemroids. The itchy feeling is the irritation and healing process that occurs between bowel movements. The best cure for hemroids is time and a change in diet. You need to increase your fiber and water intake. If that doesn't work then try a stool softner or laxative available at the drug store or supermarket. If you don't care for medications you can also eat 1-2 pounds of grapes a day until they heal. It sounds crazy, but it really helps.Was the sex anal or vaginal. If it was vaginal the chance that you have contracted something in your anus is small at best. If it was anal then there is a chance you contracted an STD, but it also increases the likelyhood that you are dealing with hemroids as that part of the body is very narrow and not really designed for penetration.Getting tested for STDs is a very smart idea. Did you discuss your symptoms with your doc? She can tell you if she sees or can feel hemroids--it isn't 100%, but it is close. As far as testing for HIV/AIDS and Herpes, a traditional pap smear cannot tell if you have them. For HIV/AIDS a blood test is required and for Herpes a viral culture is the gold standard. It can be scary to take the chance and get tested, but knowing (especially because you have a great chance of being negative) is really worth it. Addressing the allergies--keep the puppy away from your bedroom if possible and if not then wash your linnens in the hottest water reccomended for them on the label. This will help to decrease your symptoms. Also over-the-counter allergy meds can really help. Ask your pharmacist.Stress is of course adding to your symptoms. Try to find a release and check into daveramsey.com You may find that you can get out of there with the right tools and information. Good Luck and God Speed
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  • Ask your dr about something called pruirtus ani, which is an itching in the anus. It is not caused by lack of hygiene, but sometimes is a reaction to certain fabrics, ill fitting clothing, and foods such as caffeine. As you know, any concern with an std should be taken as number one priority and make sure you are as detailed as possible with your gyn. Hookworms are fairly easy to spot in the stool if the infection is an advanced one. Keep an eye out for that. Good luck!
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  • "Was the sex anal or vaginal. If it was vaginal the chance that you have contracted something in your anus is small at best. If it was anal then there is a chance you contracted an STD, but it also increases the likelyhood that you are dealing with hemroids as that part of the body is very narrow and not really designed for penetration."If you mean the front (vaginal) yes. If anal is the but, no. Just the back itches, not the front. It feels like theres a piece of something trying to come out, or is caught on something when I go to...um...do number 2. As if there is a piece of something in there that kinda tickles/ itches. The longest it lasted was about a day, actually the day I made my first post.I'm afraid of going to the gyn. because I don't have a job to get the money to go. Right now, where I don't have a job, I'm screwed for the moment. Don't have benifits, Dental care, medical care, etc. because I'm living with my (whole lot better) boyfriend and his family, They like to know where I'm going every once in a great while, and so does my boyfriend, but he just worrys about my safety, so it's understandable. I've been going to an income based gyn. I don't have a type to go to since she will be retired this yr. or the next. I don't know, I'll try to figure something out. I might just go and get tested when I have to go in and get my pap smear. I'll see if I can go alone, but I doubt it. I would like to get the other test out of the way first before the pap smear, that test just drains the life right out of me. :(
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  • muffins,check to see if there is an STD clinic in your area. They are specifically designed for this type of patient with no insurance. Call your city information number and they should have a number (you don't have to give the operator your name and if she asks you can always refuse). I understand how not having a job with benefits can make the stress of this worse. I have been there; it gets better. :)
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