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  • Posted By: MelanieMac
  • May 18, 2008
  • 08:44 PM

Ok, I will try to keep this short. I have two problems (at least J). The first one is hip pain. It (just in my left hip) has hurt on and off and now constantly. It started about 7 years ago, and became constant about 9 months ago. It wakes me up at night with a searing, sharp pain. It is worse when sitting still, so movies are a real nightmare. Of course, it also hurts more with exercise, so running is out of the question. I used to run 10Ks and sprint triathlons, so the constant pain has really made me depressed. It isn’t in the joint as much as in the bone and on the outside of the bone. It doesn’t hurt when you press on that spot & massaging doesn’t seem to do anything to help it. Aspirin does not help. An internist took x-rays & said my hips were normal. A rheumatologist poked around a little and patted me on the head & prescribed some antidepressants. Very humiliating experience all-in-all. I’ve had doctors check my red blood count, my calcium level, and my parathyroid level. All were normal. It appears the doctors are right & it is all in my head??? Or is there something I can have them check for- it seems a shame you have to diagnose yourself before showing up to the doctor and telling them what is wrong- but that is a topic for another day. I will post my other problem separately. Thanks for any help!

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  • Find an understanding chiropractor for help, along with some acupuncture. Since your x-rays are normal, it could be nerve damage that doesn't show.Post herpetic neuraligia can be a pain in the butt!!! You may have had shingles or herpes 2 and not known. You can get a blood test for herpes 2 (specifically) to rule it out.
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  • Thanks! I don't remember having a shingles rash & I have been in a monogomous (sp?) relationship for 21 years, but I will check on the Herpes blood test. I did the chiropractor thing- 3 times a week for 4 months with no luck, but I haven't tried accupuncter... I just drove by a nice looking place down the street from where I moved. I will look into them- great idea!
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  • I am not sure if I am spelling this correctly but my mother has very similar problem and was diagnosed with psyatic nerve damage or something like that she tols me about it once but doesnt talk about it any more since a shot in her hip every 3 months or so of I think she said cortazone seems to make her feel better.
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  • Melanie - have you had a DeXA bone density scan? I broke my wrist in 2003 at age 34 and the orthopedic doc who put in a plate told me I had "mushy" bones. To make a long story short, I've lost almost 11% bone density since my first scan in JAN04 and after seeing MANY doctors who mostly thought I had a Vitamin D deficiency due to some kind of absorption issue, the most recent doctor, an endocrinologist diagnosed "HYPERPARATHYROIDISM" where one of my parathyroids has a non-cancerous tumor which is messing up my blood calcium level by leaching the calcium out of my bones. Opposite of growing "pains" is the horrible HIP pain I've had for YEARs - getting worse everyday. I take Alleve to sleep and usually get up for ibuprofen in the middle of the night. Have the doctors check your PTH hormone and your blood calcium level - and google "parathyroid' to find Dr. Norman. I am having my bad parathyroid removed on 7/7/08 which should relieve the hip pain almost immediately. Good Luck!
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  • I say start simple, especially if your hip pain is on the side you sleep on. I started having excruciating hip pain (stabbing, worse in the morning) that was worse every time I sat down for any length of time. The answer: a new mattress. Try sleeping in your guest room/on your couch/on an air bed for a night or two, if it doesn't get better you've lost nothing, if it works, you know what to do before drugs, surgery, etc. Jennifer HeislerSurgery Guide About.com
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  • If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions, then I may have an answer for you...*Have you ever suffered previous injury to this hip? (You could have suffered injury and been unaware of the slight damage in a car accident even!)*Do you drink alcohol frequently?*Are you a smoker?*Have you ever been given corticosteroid injections?I had never had any of these occurences either when I was diagnosed with bone marrow edema and avascular necrosis of the hip. This came about in the last trimester of my pregnancy after 3 months of crying to my doctor that I had pain in my hip that began with a sharp pain even when lying, sitting still and escalated to limping my way through life while sobbing. He originally blew it off to pregnancy pain. Eventually, he sent me to a rehab and when I almost jumped off the table, they said there was no way they were touching me. I updated my OB as to what they said and that was it. Finally, I went to my Family Practitioner (who is not supposed to touch you when pregnant) and he sent me for an MRI (X-ray does not show edema/necrosis well enough to be immediately noticed by a radiologist). Two hours later, my doctor called me and informed me to proceed immedaitely to the local emergency room and sign myself in. He said do not even go to the bathroom before getting there because should I trip and fall and shatter my hip, I would die of shock on my floor.The outcome was that I was put into emergency surgery at 8 1/2 months pregnant where I had holes drilled in the femoral head to relieve the pressure. 2 days later had an emergency c-section as they said had they had to hyperflex my legs during birth, I would have shattered my hip beyond repair. For the first 6 weeks of my sons life, I could not walk without a walker. I could not sooth him by pacing and bouncing when he cried. I could not even hold him at all because of the amount of pain killers that I was on.I say all this in hopes of educating someone like me who has something so rare that I had a better chance of winning the lottery than having this disease, but it happened. Sometimes the best answer is not just to take your doctor's word for it. That's what I did and missed out on the first and most-dearese bonding moments with my child. Had I pushed and had the MRI sooner and the surgery sooner, I would have been healed by that time. I know you are not pregnant, but I hope you look into this possibility. The symptoms that you describe are very similar to mine.
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