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high pulse rate

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 3, 2008
  • 07:04 AM

i have high pulse rate with fluctuating blood pressure. now a days my blood pressure is low with high pulse rate .
blood pressure is 110/70 hg and pulse rate is 105 per minute.
i have been suffering from high pulse rate for last two year.blood pressure is fluctuating.
doctors says it is only due to anxiety and depression.
will anyone please give me the right answer of my problem.
please help me.

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  • I had depression a few years ago which led to anxiety and they are symptoms of anxiety if you are really worried you can ask you doctor for an ECG and tell him you need to reassure yourself. When i used to have an anxiety attack my vitals would go so out of whack they couldnt do simple triage properly if i went to the emergency dept. I know just how scary it can be but when things get bad take a deep breath and sit in a room with people in it (it is calming cause you know there are people there that can help if anything happens) and try and do something to take your mind of it. Has your doctor given you medication the control the depression and anxiety cause you need a medication for both, a simple antidepressant will not work to control anxiety generally a combination is needed (will probably need to see a psychiatrist for full evaluaton and prescription) but i can tell you it will get better i know it feels like it never will but it will it takes commitment and a long time. The earlier you get it under control the quicker the recovery.
    s240185 9 Replies
    • February 3, 2008
    • 00:58 AM
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  • I have had the same thing, tachocardia I have had my BP go up to 160-180 over 90 from a normal of 125 over 80 And also the pulse from 75-85 to 100-130 Very Extreme? No doubt stress or anxiety can raise it, but other things can too. First off depression doesn't cause this, Anxiety does... Secondly with some light downers like benzodiazipines you will usually notice a marked difference right away! Like in 30-45 minutes. Usually Anxiety is either social or has to do with a persons inner emotional well being. So if in public or in a Doctors office you get a higher reading it can be a false one. Might be better to test at home, then test after being a public setting. See if the stress of the "situation" is causing it. Called Clinical BPH The Downers and the Antidepressants are usually used in conjunction to produce a special effect... That is why psychiatrists mix the two, I have found Prozak to be Numbing and Valium to be soothing... And since Prozak can be a stimulant it helps settle one another longterm... Anyway... Getting back down to the basics, it could be another problem, like a heart problem. The Downers will generally fix that too, so if you have reason to believe it could be a Heart issue or a BPH condition best be checked thoroughly to err on the safe side. Though basic anxiety means nothing serious only that you should take care of yourself and learn coping skills. Drugs are a one way street you also need to find techniques to cope with the anxiety whatever the cause. In America today Job Stress becoming an epidemic. There are probably tens of millions of people out there just like you. And me ;) good luck have any questions shoot
    Liam123 48 Replies
    • February 3, 2008
    • 04:14 AM
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  • Have they looked into Grave's Disease yet?It's a form of autoimmune thyroid disease that usually causes hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone), and a low TSH.Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include rapid pulse, sweating, anxiety, diarrhea, and others. It sounds like you only have one of these though, so they should be looking into everything that can cause a rapid pulse besides thyroid conditions.One thing that can be sort of tricky about Grave's is that some people not only produce antibodies that mimic TSH (causing your gland to secrete lots of thyroid hormone), but they also produce antibodies that block TSH. So theoretically, you could have a normal TSH depending on what antibodies are being made. Or your symptoms may fluctuate.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 3, 2008
    • 05:51 AM
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